The Longevity Seekers

With The Longevity Seekers, science writer Ted Anton takes readers inside this tale that began with worms and branched out to snare innovative minds from California to Crete, investments from big biotech, and endorsements from TV ...

The Longevity Seekers

Author: Ted Anton

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226020932

Page: 223

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People have searched for the fountain of youth everywhere from Bimini to St. Augustine. But for a steadfast group of scientists, the secret to a long life lies elsewhere: in the lowly lab worm. By suppressing the function of just a few key genes, these scientists were able to lengthen worms’ lifespans up to tenfold, while also controlling the onset of many of the physical problems that beset old age. As the global population ages, the potential impact of this discovery on society is vast—as is the potential for profit. With The Longevity Seekers, science writer Ted Anton takes readers inside this tale that began with worms and branched out to snare innovative minds from California to Crete, investments from big biotech, and endorsements from TV personalities like Oprah and Dr. Oz. Some of the research was remarkable, such as the discovery of an enzyme in humans that stops cells from aging. And some, like an oft-cited study touting the compound resveratrol, found in red wine—proved highly controversial, igniting a science war over truth, credit, and potential profit. As the pace of discovery accelerated, so too did powerful personal rivalries and public fascination, driven by the hope that a longer, healthier life was right around the corner. Anton has spent years interviewing and working with the scientists at the frontier of longevity science, and this book offers a behind-the-scenes look at the state-of-the-art research and the impact it might have on global public health, society, and even our friends and family. With spectacular science and an unforgettable cast of characters, The Longevity Seekers has all the elements of a great story and sheds light on discoveriesthat could fundamentally reshape human life.


This egodriven thinking places adults in an alleged mastery of life, rather than
letting them be guided by the curiosity and wonder reflective of students devoted
to life's mystery. I was recently surprised to hear that a dear old friend was ...


Author: Paul Dunion EdD

Publisher: Archway Publishing

ISBN: 1480831549

Page: 232

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Do you find yourself living with an ongoing, unquenchable restlessness or passionate curiosity and wondering why this is the case? You can restore your faith in your destiny as a seekersomeone in search of a genuine understanding and experience of home. Seekers: Finding Our Way Home offers a vivid portrayal of seekers as pilgrims questing for home. Seekers are threshold dwellers, and home takes on both an ancient definition of the word a place to linger and an active ideal, involving doing what it takes to make peace with change and therefore with the journey. This exploration presents an account of seeking that strengthens a facility for identifying where to linger and how to move in order to avoid spiritual homelessness. It also offers concrete guidelines for seekers self-care. Strengthen your capacity for presence, imagination, and enchantment, and learn from the example of a heartening illustration of an aging seeker. Encouraging and inspiring, this guide invites you to sustain the faith that seeking was always what you were meant to do.

The Strategic Grant seeker

The longevity of the product as conceived in the present, and the potential cost of
updating it in the future, are the final rudimentary factors in projecting product cost
for an SBIR proposal. Because only projections can be made at the time of ...

The Strategic Grant seeker

Author: Judy Illes

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780805829792

Page: 174

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This book describes the full range of steps in the research funding process for readers seeking to maximize their competitiveness for successful and career-long research funding.

Seekers After God

It has been vaguely conjectured that both names may involve an allusion to the
longevity - of some of the founders of the family , for Annæus seems to be
connected with annus , a year , and Seneca with senex , an old man . The
common ...

Seekers After God

Author: Frederic William Farrar



Page: 305

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Reckless Pleasures Mills Boon Blaze The Pleasure Seekers Book 1

She searched his eyes. “I don't know. Do you?” She flicked her tongue slightly
inside his mouth and then withdrew it. Before Dari, she'd never really been
involved in a long-term relationship. Her love life had been dotted with temporary
lovers, ...

Reckless Pleasures  Mills   Boon Blaze   The Pleasure Seekers  Book 1

Author: Tori Carrington

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 1472029968

Page: 224

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Six months apart is a long time. For security expert Megan McGowan, it feels like forever since she's felt the strong arms of Darius Folsom around her. Since Dari's military deployment six months ago, every minute apart is another minute that Megan finds herself tempted....

Gold Seeker s Manual

The greatest proof of the healthiness of the climate is the longevity attained , and
the low rate of mortality . At Moreton Bay , the hottest settled district , out of 1 , 200
convicts and soldiers , one man only was in the hospital in six months .

Gold Seeker s Manual

Author: George Butler Earp



Page: 248

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Finders Seekers

If well-cared for as part of a Seeker-Bondmate pair, their longevity greatly
exceeds that of a pampered-house cat on Earth. No hypothesis or controlled
experiment has adequately explained their ability to mindspeak, although
besotted cat ...

Finders Seekers

Author: Gayle Greeno

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440673054

Page: 512

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Their technological resources destroyed, a colonizing expedition from Earth has been stranded on the world of Methuen for over two hundred years. Their continued survival is largely due to the organization of healers known as the Eumedicos and to the Seekers Veritas, a unique group composed of pairs of Bondmates, one human and one ghatti—a telepathic catlike being native to Methuen who bonds with a specific human for life. These Bondmates travel from town to town, settling disputes by truth-reading the minds and emotions of plaintiffs and defendants. While most people respect the Seekers, there are those who fear the ghatti powers. And now someone has begun attacking Seeker pairs. What no one knows is that this destroyer has targeted one specific pair of Bondmates as special victims—the woman Doyce and the ghatta Khar'pern. For the key to defeating this deadly foe is locked away in Doyce's mind behind barriers even her ghattas has never been able to break down.

The Truth Seeker

It is true , likewise , " securing of what may be called an enduring life , a As
science , feebly beginning to draw breath and he wrote , “ that the English in
general , and indeed future life — the very thing the Christians long for ? stir after
its long ...

The Truth Seeker





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Traditional Chinese Medicine

DAO SHU It's important to your health to lead an active life . The ancient Chinese
put great emphasis on the importance of exercising the body for longevity . A
sixteenth ... It is suitable for all longevity seekers and is a must for older people .

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Author: Henry C. Lu

Publisher: Basic Health Publications, Inc.

ISBN: 9781591201328

Page: 207

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"In clear and practical language ... Dr. Henry C. Lu provides techniques and treatments for a number of chronic conditions"--Cover.

The Tomb Seeker

We have thus the testimony of a learned judge that this venerable centenarian “
was a woman of very shrewd understanding , " as well as a remarkable instance
of healthy longevity . It is added in her epitaph that “ In her hundred and first year

The Tomb Seeker

Author: Edwin Roffe



Page: 43

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Love Lines

What's a longevity-seeker to do, especially if blessed with enough heart-health
insurance to make high-tech opportunities, breakdown—affordable? The concept
of preventing heart ache, arresting it, or reversing it, is Valentine's number one ...

Love Lines

Author: Alfred Colo

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465332235

Page: 156

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Until something goes wrong, we take our hearts for granted. Heart-Smart-Gurus, inspired by long research, point to that bright red Valentine in our chests, pumping tirelessly and endlessly on our behalf. But one day textbook cardiagram wiggles, veer off the chart and we are pronounced, however gently, cardiologically in-correct. We feel betrayed. We more or less, thought we were doing everything right so, whats gotten into our ticker, that loyal, lifeline friend? Time for one thing, heart sore for another, Hearts are only human after all. Whats a longevity-seeker to do, especially if blessed with enough heart-health insurance to make high-tech opportunities, breakdownaffordable? The concept of preventing heart ache, arresting it, or reversing it, is Valentines number one topic. For me its a question of flat out prevention, to heal the heart emotionally, via a softening process designed to protect the precious pump. Accumulation of blockage is what causes arterial malfunction. Deprived of emotional oxygen, our own hearts cannot dilate freely. Regular exercise may prevent an attack, and insure loves longevity. Superman has nobody, doesnt need a seat belt, nor even a plane. Are you flying solo? Be a friend. Find a lover. No man is an island. A centuries-old someone pointed out: Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief. When needed, good friends give major doses of encouragement on short notice, as do family supporters when trouble finds us. A circle of wagons is a supreme conductor for immediate shelter against stray enemy arrows. The John Wayne, strong, silent type, I dont need anybody and men dont show love mentality, isnt macho, man, but flat out stupid! In this writers paraphrase, Samuel Johnson admonished, If a man does not renew his friendships, and make new acquaintances, he finds himself playing alone as he grows, too-soon old and too-late smart. One must keep friendships in constant repair. Has your friendship grown distant, worn thin, been allowed to slip away? Do a bit of friendship repair with a welcome oil-change, and a few new points and plugs. Invite a friend or lover to do lunch: Whatever it takes, fix it: Whatever it needs, mend it: Whenever it bleeds, move on to a more worthy and willing recipient of your hearts affections. An old Scottish proverb states, He who ceases to be your friend never was a good one. In other words, with friends like you, who needs enemies? While youre at it, start at home with your significant other. Maintain this key friendship when it warrants home-improvement. Remember, your mate reads you like a book, which ought not be a mystery novel. Perhaps you need to uncover the tinfoil to let her read the introduction and to truly reveal your heart, by allowing her not just to scan but to study all its pages. A woman, who is allowed this look-see inside her mates heart, is the one who becomes and remains your life-long best friend, partner and home companion. A Promise Keeper, fueled by faith, fired with compassion and true to God, achieves unconditional passions for love of life, love of wife, of relatives and friends, co-workers, and parishioners, and has love to spare even for enemies. So turn the other cheek. The other kiss may be love-saving. To have a friend is to be one; its the beginning of relationships that lead to loves: paternal, filial, (described as fraternal), as in Philadelphia, (city of brotherly love), and Eros, even if the arrows point in alternate-lifestyle directions, and sex without love or marriage. Agape love, of course, is the ultimate love of our Creator for his Creation, leading to Eternal Love, if you will, that Father-God promises His children. To love one another as He loves us, is not a request, but a command, from the Nurturer who furnishes the glue to make it stick. Can you buy love? Sure, if youre shopping for a convenient kind, tried and untrue. You can only earn respect by modeling love. It is o

Prolongevity II

“The Death of Old Age?,” in Nature/Science Annual. New York: Time-Life Books,
1975. —, “Thymosin: Breaking the Immune Barrier,” Saturday Review, June I5,
1974. —, “The Longevity Seekers,” Saturday Review of the Sciences, March

Prolongevity II

Author: Albert Rosenfeld

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf

ISBN: 9780394534756

Page: 336

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Asylum Seekers and the State

Returning to the practical features of social movements , as I have pointed out ,
social movements do not have the longevity and continued influence of a
formalised and institutionalised system such as , for example , NGOs .
Nevertheless ...

Asylum Seekers and the State

Author: Claudia Tazreiter

Publisher: Routledge


Page: 258

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Highly topical in subject matter, Asylum Seekers and the State reveals immigration policy as a political process which has social consequences not only for the newcomer group, but also for the wider receiver society. This work considers the obligations which receiver societies have for considering refugee claims, but at the same time assesses contemporary security concerns; it also provides an introduction to the roles of non-government organizations as stake-holders in the political process. The book also offers a study of the historical and cultural context of immigration in Germany and Australia, which demonstrates the practical impact of these issues. Taking a fresh approach to the issue of asylum seekers and refugees, this book offers unique perspectives from non-state actors as significant brokers and advocates of social and political processes.


The Longevity Seekers 23. Specific Approaches to the Health Effects of
Pollutants 30. The Skin of Our Cells 31. Bask, Don't Burn 32. A Farewell to
Flatulence 37. Ecology of the Intestinal Tract 38. What Stress Can Do To You 44.
The Longevity ...


Author: Phyllis C. Braun

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Dushkin

ISBN: 9780879670764

Page: 256

View: 542