The Indonesian Military After the New Order

The struggle between the new government and the military on its internal reforms
– the so - called ' reduced privileges ' in socio - economic and political affairs -
dominated Indonesian political discourses in the post - New Order government .

The Indonesian Military After the New Order

Author: Sukardi Rinakit

Publisher: NIAS Press

ISBN: 9788791114069

Page: 278

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This study identifies the factors behind the Indonesian military's decision to reposition its dominant role in socio-political affairs after the fall of Suharto. It covers the contestation between the military and the new civilian regime under President Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) over its altered role, and the military's part behind his fall. Finally, the military's future role under President Megawati is assessed, together with the possibilities of it resuming power. The author, as a former ghostwriter at the Indonesian Ministries of Home Affairs and Defence, has been privy to the internal dynamics of the military and has personally interviewed untouchable figures such as former President Suharto. An up-to-date, well-informed study providing a useful contribution to the literature, particularly with regard to the younger generation of the military.

Fundamentalisms of the New Order

Why such a seeming resurgence recently? Is fundamentalism even relevant in an era of rapid change-or is it essential? These are questions posed by artists in the show and considered in essays and panel discussions.

Fundamentalisms of the New Order

Author: Charlotte Brandt

Publisher: Lukas & Sternberg


Page: 360

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Depending on your point of view, fundamentalism can be strongly positive or negative. This publication, a "textbook with images" documenting a Copenhagen exhibition, reflects on the diversity of fundamentalisms-religious, political, cultural, economic. Why such a seeming resurgence recently? Is fundamentalism even relevant in an era of rapid change-or is it essential? These are questions posed by artists in the show and considered in essays and panel discussions.

Narratives of a New Order

Narratives of a New Order

Author: Elizabeth Freeman

Publisher: Brepols Pub


Page: 245

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The origins of the Cistercian monastic order are currently under intense scrutiny and revision, as scholars identify how the written word was used to 'invent' a unified corporate identity. Here Elizabeth Freeman examines the classic gene for inventing a past - the history, chronicle, and annal - and argues that historical narratives of the English Cistercians helped define the characteristics of both the new Cistercian monastic order and also the new political orders of twelfth- and thirteenth-century England. She shows how Aelred of Rievaulx's Relatio de standardo and Genealogia regum Anglorum articulated new senses of Englishness, and demonstrates through attention to library holdings that this focus on national self-definition continued throughout the twelfth century. The Fundacio abbathie de Kyrkestall shifts focus to local history and exploits Cistercian tropes of land-use in order to resolve the communal insecurity that characterised the Cistercians in around 1200. The Narratione de fundatione Fontanis monasterii features another method of reconciling the nostalgic quest for continuity with the intellectual recognition of change - it separates historical 'fact' from 'meaning' and imbues events with rich allegorical significance. Finally, Ralph of Coggeshall's Chronicon Anglicanum indicates the multiple strategies Cistercian historians employed in order to turn the disparate and contradictory events of the past into a comprehensible and meaningful narrative.

South Africa

In this revealing study, Marina Ottaway examines the new conflicts emerging in South Africa, the factors influencing them, and the probable outcome.

South Africa

Author: Marina Ottaway

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780815720461

Page: 262

View: 934

The unbanning of the African National Congress and the release of Nelson Mandela in February of 1990 cleared the way for negotiations toward a new, post-apartheid political order in South Africa. But three years later, the main parties have made little progress toward a compromise, while violence escalates in the townships. In this revealing study, Marina Ottaway examines the new conflicts emerging in South Africa, the factors influencing them, and the probable outcome. She shows that the black-on-white conflict that has made the country a pariah in the past has evolved into a much more complex state of affairs and explains that the transition is likely to take an unprecedented form. Beginning with a brief history of the events since Mandela's release, Ottaway provides a vivid account of the evolving conflict over apartheid. She discuses the complexity of conflict resolution in a country where internal and external currents work against each other, and where the struggle for power transcends any strides toward peace. Ottaway thoroughly addresses the issues involved in South Africa's transition from apartheid. She explains that the abolition of the pervasive system has more far-reaching implications than originally thought. South Africa explores the effects that the international climate of the 1990s has had on the county’s transition. Ottaway contends that the international community rejects apartheid but is unsympathetic to black demands for redistribution, and has condemned the white government’s vision of separate development but accepts ethnic nationalism as inevitable. She describes the dramatic effects the new world order has had on South Africa and assesses what those changes will mean to the country’s difficult transition.

The Art of Wolfenstein The New Order

Featuring concept art, character designs, and astonishing settings, landscapes, and technology, this book provides a unique look at one of the gaming industry's most intriguing games. * Incredible full color artwork from the game! * ...

The Art of Wolfenstein  The New Order

Author: MachineGames

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

ISBN: 1630080055

Page: 184

View: 538

Bethesda and Machine Games offer up the secrets behind Wolfenstein: The New Order, a game set in a post-WWII world where the Nazis have won and only you can rewrite history. Featuring concept art, character designs, and astonishing settings, landscapes, and technology, this book provides a unique look at one of the gaming industry's most intriguing games. * Incredible full color artwork from the game! * Commentary direct from the creators!

Working for the New Order

Traditional economic history , more interested in long - term evolution , tended to
neglect this period seen as a dark chapter in France's economic development .
The only important work was the book of Alan S. Milward ( The New Order and
the ...

Working for the New Order

Author: Joachim Lund

Publisher: Copenhagen Business School Press DK

ISBN: 9788763001861

Page: 192

View: 397

During the Second World War, the collaboration dilemma regarding Europe's business life came to the forefront as business leaders were faced with the necessity of cooperating with the German enemy in order to maintain production and survive as economic units. Working for the New Order examines Europeâ??s corporate survival in a highly unstable business environment during this period of time. Cooperation with the dominant European power aimed to secure the future for business, national economies, and the nation states of Europe. With this point of reference, Europe's business life, of working for the New Order, contributed substantially to the Nazi German war effort.

Solo in the New Order

New. Order. On September 30, 1965, six Indonesian generals and a lieutenant
were abducted and their bodies thrown down a well on the outskirts of Jakarta.
This was the presumed coup that resulted in the removal of President Sukarno
from ...

Solo in the New Order

Author: James T. Siegel

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 9780691000855

Page: 338

View: 302

In this brilliant ethnography of contemporary Java, James Siegel analyzes how language operates to organize and to order an Indonesian people. Despite the imposition of Suharto's New Order, the inhabitants of the city of Solo continue to adhere to their own complex ideas of deference and hierarchy through translation between high and low Javanese speech styles. Siegel uncovers moments when translation fails and compulsive mimicry ensues. His examination of communication and its failures also exposes the ways a culture reconstitutes itself. It leads to insights into the "accidents" that precede the formulations of culture as such.

The New Order

Ternos has accepted the new order. The seven worlds are united!” He pauses,
probably giving the speech to an adoring crowd in Harken which will applaud
wildly after every sentence. “Soon the new order will begin to take shape. From
now ...

The New Order

Author: Paul Baluk

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1365848175


View: 790

Kos, wishing to atone for the sins of the past, plans to put his great power in the hands of the people. He and unlikely ally Liss Carec sweep across the worlds spreading the truth of the old order and the promise of a new one. Treia, unsure if her brother is alive or dead after being taken by a monk, struggles to make sense of her rapidly changing world. Yathis Behren, mourning the loss of his best friend, bemoans the rut his life has become—but plans to find a way out. Shipbuilding magnate Reega Tarn, forced to make undesirable alliances and profound sacrifices, fights to keep her company alive. Meanwhile her assistant, Samit, worries for her family as they may not live to see the dawn of the new order...

New Order

These are some of the ingredients for a decluttered life to be found in New Order.”—Los Angeles Times “New Order seriously changed my life.”—Emily Deschanel “Fay Wolf is some kind of superhero.”—Jesse Tyler Ferguson “Full ...

New Order

Author: Fay Wolf

Publisher: Ballantine Books

ISBN: 110188620X

Page: 224

View: 395

For readers of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and The Power of Habit comes a revelatory, witty guide to a clearer home and a more creative mind. Can a decluttered space fuel a creative mind? Heck yes, says organizing expert Fay Wolf, who has helped everyone from Hollywood celebrities to schoolteachers to work-from-home parents achieve a simpler, more fulfilling life. Here, Wolf outlines her basic rules for saying goodbye to the stuff crowding up your space and hello to new habits that free you up for the things you’re passionate about. And it can all be done in as little as a few minutes a day. Learn how to create productive to-do lists • stem the flood of paper • downsize digital clutter and social media • arrange your space to spark creative juices • curb your desire to accumulate • collaborate and connect with others for support • embrace imperfection • keep up the momentum Wolf also shares her favorite productivity apps and resources for donating your many, many items. From the outer clutter of your home to the inner clutter of your chatty mind, this handbook will help you make room for artistic inspiration and invite you to treat yourself to less. Praise for New Order “Clarity, control, peace and quiet: All of these ‘nebulous golden nuggets’ can be obtained by following Wolf’s sensible decluttering program.”—The New York Times Book Review “Less stuff. Less paper. Less digital. These are some of the ingredients for a decluttered life to be found in New Order.”—Los Angeles Times “New Order seriously changed my life.”—Emily Deschanel “Fay Wolf is some kind of superhero.”—Jesse Tyler Ferguson “Full of millennially minded tips that will help you clean-attack your space.”—Refinery29 “The KonMari alternative you’ve been waiting for . . . [Wolf’s] approach is about reducing chaos so you can focus on more important things, like creative pursuits. . . . The New Order method resonates with me.”—PopSugar “Fay Wolf is living proof that being highly organized doesn’t have to mean being sterile and rigid.”—Apartment Therapy “Her message is about fun and freedom, rather than healing and fixing.”—The Guardian “How can one possibly be productive when faced with so many obligations? Enter: The Triangle of Productivity.”—InStyle “A smart, accessible, sensitive and charming book about clutter.”—Hello Giggles “Wolf has helped individuals clean out and create space in their lives for decades . . . and now she’s sharing her best tips with the world in this book.”—Romper From the Trade Paperback edition.

The New Order of War

New. Order. of. War. Bob. Brecher. At the beginning of the 1990s, in the aftermath
of the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was possible to think - sincerely, albeit in retrospect
naïvely - that the end of 'actually existing communism' heralded hope of real ...

The New Order of War

Author: Bob Brecher

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9042029412

Page: 258

View: 182

Far from hearalding a time of unprecedented peace, the end of "actually existing communism" served to usher in new conflicts, new wars and new reasons for war. That much goes without saying. What is controversial, however; is how we might understand and respond to these new wars. This book offers a new approach. Its distinctive and multidisciplinary range of perspectives, offering quite different views. is based on the conviction that if we are to begin to get to grips with this central feature of our 21st Century lives, we have to go beyond an unhelpful moralism on the one hand and a defeatist appeal to "human nature" on the other. Bob Brecher is Director of the Centre for Applied Philosophy Politics & Ethics (CAPPE) at the University of Brighton, UK. He is author of Forture and The Ticking Bomb (Wiley 2007). Getting What You Want? (Roudedge 1997), editor of several volumes and has published numerous articles in moral and applied philosophy, liberalism and higher education. At the Interface/Probing the Boundaries seeks to encourage and promote cutting edge interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary projects and inquiry. By bringing people together from differing contexts, disciplines, professions, and vocations, the aim is to engage in conversations that are innovative, imaginative, and creatively interactive Inter-Disciplinary dialogue enables people to go beyond the boundaries of what they usually encounter and share in perspectives that are new, challenging, and richly rewarding. This kind of dialogue often illuminates one's own area of work, is suggestive of new possibilities for development, and creates exciting horizons for future conversations with persons from a wide variety of national and international settings By sharing cross-disciplinary insights and perspectives, ATI/PTB publications are designed to be both exploratory examinations of particular areas and issues, and rigorous inquiries into specific subjects. Books in the series are enabling resources which will encourage sustained and creative dialogue, and become the future resource for further inquiries and research

The New Order and Last Orientation

The creation of the new order began with the restriction of legitimate warfareto
sovereignpoliticalunits.The theoryof Grotius draws the circle of such units still
rather large, but it excludes from the international scene the religious faction as a

The New Order and Last Orientation

Author: Eric Voegelin

Publisher: University of Missouri Press

ISBN: 9780826263896

Page: 322

View: 856

A Return to the New Order

Moreover, the New Order [Golkar and the Military] has clearly become the enemy
of the people by urging compromises to continually oppress the people. This has
definitely happened, because the formation of the Mega-Hamzah government ...

A Return to the New Order


Publisher: Human Rights Watch



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New Messiah Rising Revelations of the New Order

New. Paradigm. The. “Construct”. By. Junior. ·Part. 2·A. few days later on or about
30-May-2011 or 01-June-2011, I resumed the practice of RCV and Quantum
Viewing. On that particular viewing, I was in between the state of being in the
state ...

New Messiah Rising Revelations of the New Order

Author: Keith M. Flash, Jr.


ISBN: 1105973832


View: 908

GODDESSY And The New Order Of Archangels

... “New Order of Archangels”, and the Archangels were to ultimately defeat
Lucifer, also known as Satan and a few other names, along with his army of evil
and corruption. Michael made the plan clear to his disciples, as they 22 – The

GODDESSY And The New Order Of Archangels

Author: Stephanie Adams


ISBN: 0979369460


View: 806

In these modern days, it is often quite rare and beyond unheard of for people to portray angels as militant, godlike warriors. Surprisingly, archangels being viewed as paranormal figures and action superheroes are even more unheard of. Books, movies, and other popular venues glorify in actors playing the role of generic crime fighters and fictional lifesavers, but what about the original ones written about during ancient times? And according to the author of nearly two dozen publications, Stephanie Adams, ¿Sometimes you have to go back in history in order to make it.¿ So what better way to teach the spiritual battle between good and evil, ultimately showing that the goodness of God will always prevail, than to write a book on it from a religious background, combined with a metaphysical perspective? Introducing...The Book Of ¿GODDESSY¿ By Stephanie Adams.

Muslim Christian Relations in the New Order Indonesia

Muslim Christian Relations in the New Order Indonesia

Author: Fatimah Husein

Publisher: PT Mizan Publika

ISBN: 9789794333853

Page: 367

View: 544

The relationship between Muslims and Christians in Indonesia is an important subject. Apart from a few investigations on certain conflicts in different areas of Indonesia, little effort has been devoted to thoroughly examining the complexity of the relationship. This study is an attempt to investigate the perspectives of the exclusivist and inclusivist Muslims on Muslim-Christian relations in Indonesia, especially during the New Order period (1965-1998).