The Permanent Campaign and Its Future

Eminent political scientists weigh the benefits and the costs of this state of permanent campaign and describe the kind of political system likely to emerge within it.

The Permanent Campaign and Its Future

Author: Norman J. Ornstein

Publisher: American Enterprise Institute

ISBN: 9780844741345

Page: 247

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Eminent political scientists weigh the benefits and the costs of this state of permanent campaign and describe the kind of political system likely to emerge within it.

The Permanent Campaign

This book explores the emergence of a permanent campaign- the need for constant readiness- on networked communication platforms.

The Permanent Campaign

Author: Greg Elmer

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781433116063

Page: 144

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From the social media-based 2008 Obama election campaign to the civic protest and political revolutions of the 2011 Arab Spring, the past few years have been marked by a widespread and complex shift in the political landscape, as the rise of participatory platforms- such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs- have multiplied the venues for political communication and activism. This book explores the emergence of a permanent campaign- the need for constant readiness- on networked communication platforms. With in-depth analyses of some of the most well-known participatory media today, this book offers a critical assessment of the constant efforts at managing the plurality of voices that characterize contemporary politics. -- from Publisher description.

The Rise of the President s Permanent Campaign

An eye-opening study of the "permanent campaign" and its impact on the executive office.

The Rise of the President s Permanent Campaign

Author: Brendan J. Doherty


ISBN: 9780700618606

Page: 203

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An eye-opening study of the "permanent campaign" and its impact on the executive office. Reveals how the distinction between campaigning and governing has become increasingly blurred in recent years. Contends that while such strategies can at times strengthen a president's hand, they can also undermine his role as a unifying national leader, heighten public cynicism, and limit prospects for bipartisan compromise.

Passages to the Presidency

This book considers the critical ten weeks of transition for recent party changes in the White House (Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton) and signals a pivotal change for the future.

Passages to the Presidency

Author: Charles O. Jones

Publisher: Brookings Institution Press

ISBN: 9780815791232

Page: 242

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The standard view of the transition is based on a distinction between campaigning and governing, with election day as the marker: campaigning before, preparing to govern after. Yet changes are blurring the distinction between the two activities. The Clinton transition in 1992 is the watershed case. Dubbed the "worst" for failing to meet many of the standard tests, Clinton and his aides, nevertheless, were attuned to a campaigning style of governing that was fine-tuned after the 1994 mid-term election. Future transitions will be judged by a revised set of expectations. The conventional rules will be supplemented by tests that account for campaigning as integral to governing. What is called the "permanent campaign" is upon us. Presidents in the 21st century will prepare to govern more publicly from the start, anxious to establish and enhance their status in a more communal style of governing. This book considers the critical ten weeks of transition for recent party changes in the White House (Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton) and signals a pivotal change for the future. Charles Jones identifies the conventional expectations for an effective transition in regard to such topics as dismantling the campaign, connecting with Congress, establishing a theme, and relating to the press.

The Rise of the Counter establishment

The Rise of the Counter-Establishment, a now seminal study of contemporary politics, provides the answers.

The Rise of the Counter establishment

Author: Sidney Blumenthal

Publisher: Union Square Press

ISBN: 1402759118

Page: 345

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Throughout history, behind so many de facto rulers, there can often be found a shadowy puppet-master pulling the strings. Using examples from Machiavelli, Catherine de Medici and Alexander Hamilton to Dick Cheney, Zhou Enlai and Joseph Stalin, Kerwin Swint presents profiles of notorious king whisperers," spanning the globe and historical periods, showing how they employed unique styles of power politics to wrest control. From spies, silver-tongued devils and the truly evil, this is a brilliant tapestry of behind-the-scenes schemers of all shapes and sizes.

The End of Whitehall

Patrick Diamond is Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at Queen Mary, University of London, UK. Patrick held a number of senior posts in British central government between 2000 and 2010, and was formally Head of Policy Planning in 10 Downing ...

The End of Whitehall

Author: Patrick Diamond

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319961012

Page: 106

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This Palgrave Policy Essential maps and assesses key changes in the Whitehall model over the last two decades. It argues that the traditional Whitehall model is being replaced by a system of ‘New Political Governance’ (NPG) centred on politicised campaigning; the growth of political advisory staff relative to the permanent civil service; the personalisation of bureaucratic appointments; and the creation of a government machine that is ‘promiscuously partisan’. It provides a snapshot of the institutional changes that are unfolding at a critical moment, as Whitehall prepares to support Ministers in carrying out the Brexit process while addressing a series of long-term structural challenges from the demographic pressures of the ageing society to the impact of climate change. Austerity since 2010 has had a further transformative effect on Whitehall, with drastic reductions in the civil service workforce, the restructuring of government agencies, and a reconfiguration of the traditional roles and responsibilities of the permanent civil service.

Building a Business of Politics

In Building a Business of Politics, a lively history of political consulting, Adam Sheingate examines the origins of the industry and its consequences for American democracy.

Building a Business of Politics

Author: Adam Sheingate

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190217197

Page: 282

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Political races in the United States rely heavily on highly paid political consultants who carefully curate the images of politicians, advise candidates on polling and analytics, and shape voters' perceptions through marketing and advertising techniques. More than half of the $6 billion spentin the 2012 election went to consultants who controlled virtually every aspect of the campaigns, from polling, fundraising, and media to more novel techniques of social media and micro-targeting. These consultants play a central role in political campaigns - determining not only how the public seespoliticians, but also how politicians see the public.In Building a Business of Politics, author Adam Sheingate traces the history of political consultants from its origins in the publicity experts and pollsters of the 1920s and 1930s to the strategists and media specialists of the 1970s who transformed political campaigns into a highly profitablebusiness. Today, consultants command a hefty fee from politicians as they turn campaign cash from special interest groups and wealthy donors into advertisements, polls, and direct mail solicitations characteristic of modern campaigns.The implications of this system on the state of American democracy are significant: the rise of the permanent campaign brings with it the rise of a permanent campaign industry. A professional political class stands between the voters and those who claim to represent them, influencing messages onboth sides. Sheingate not only shows how political consultants have reshaped politics, though; he also covers recent developments like the commercialization of digital campaign tools and the consolidation of the political consulting industry into global media conglomerates. Building a Business ofPolitics is both a definitive account of the consulting profession and a powerful reinterpretation of how political professionals reshaped American democracy in the modern era.

Publicity and the Canadian State

Hence, the key critical concept of this chapter – the permanent campaign – seeks
to address this constant effort to ... This chapter provides a theoretical framework
for examining permanent campaigning online in the Canadian and US context.

Publicity and the Canadian State

Author: Kirsten Kozolanka

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442615907

Page: 377

View: 706

"Publicity and the Canadian State is the first sustained study of the contemporary practices of political communication, focusing holistically on the tools of the publicity state and their ideological underpinnings: advertising, public opinion research, marketing, branding, image consulting, and media and information management, as well as related topics such as election law and finance, privacy, think-tank lobbying, and non-election communication campaigns."--Publishers website

The Canadian Federal Election of 2008

Second, the definition of “election expenses” was changed in 2004 to include
public opinion polling. David Akin, “Parties unleash chequebooks ... online
September 11, 2008. The permanent campaign has been documented in other
countries ...

The Canadian Federal Election of 2008

Author: Jon H. Pammett

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 145971864X

Page: 352

View: 289

The Canadian Federal Election of 2008 is a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the campaign and election outcome. The chapters are written by leading professors of political science, journalism, and communications. They examine the strategies, successes, and failures of the major political parties – the Conservatives (Faron Ellis and Peter Woolstencroft), Liberals (Brooke Jeffrey), New Democrats (Lynda Erickson and David Laycock), Bloc Québécois (Eric Belanger and Richard Nadeau), and Green Party (Susan Harada). Also featured in this comprehensive volume are chapters on the media coverage (Christopher Waddell) and the way Canada’s party finance laws affected the campaign (Tom Flanagan and Harol J. Jansen). The book concludes with a detailed analysis of the voting behaviour of Canadians in 2008 by Harold D. Clarke, Allan Kornberg, and Thomas J. Scotto, and an overview of the long – and short – term forces influencing the future of Canadian electoral politics by Lawrence LeDuc and Jon H. Pammett. The introduction by Christopher Dornan discusses the post-election crisis, while the appendices include all of the election results.

Polling to Govern

Polling to Govern is a thoughtful, detailed, and significant analysis of how six U.S. presidents from Richard Nixon to Bill Clinton used public opinion polls to develop presidential leadership.

Polling to Govern

Author: Diane J. Heith

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804748490

Page: 194

View: 351

Presidents spend millions of dollars on public opinion polling while in office. Critics often point to this polling as evidence that a “permanent campaign” has taken over the White House at the expense of traditional governance. But has presidential polling truly changed the shape of presidential leadership? Diane J. Heith examines the polling practices of six presidential administrations—those of Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton—dissecting the poll apparatus of each period. She contends that while White House polls significantly influence presidential messages and responses to events, they do not impact presidential decisions to the extent that observers often claim. Heith concludes that polling, and thus the campaign environment, exists in tandem with long-established governing strategies.

Obama in Office

The First Two Years James A. Thurber. INTEREST GROUPS AND THE
PERMANENT CAMPAIGN Another issue identified by Obama (and scholars) is
that interest groups feed the negative effects of the ...

Obama in Office

Author: James A. Thurber

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317255356

Page: 328

View: 918

Barack Obama entered office on a wave of popular expectation; will he exit at the hands of a Tea Party inspired populist tsunami or return for four more years? Obama in Office brings together well-established political scientists and journalists to offer the first detailed assessment of President Obama and his first two years in office. This book covers the range of policy tests which the administration has faced during this period, including the recession and its jobless recovery, health care reform, financial regulation, the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, and the ongoing war in Afghanistan. Looking beyond the midterms, Obama in Office considers the results of 2010, the impact of the Tea Party, and the prospects for 2012.

The Spirit of Compromise

introduction 1. hugh heclo, “Campaigning and Governing: A Conspectus,” in The
Permanent Campaign and Its Future, ed. norman ornstein and thomas mann (
Washington, DC: American enterprise Institute, 2000), 37. the term “permanent ...

The Spirit of Compromise

Author: Amy Gutmann

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 1400851246

Page: 304

View: 665

Why compromise is essential for effective government and why it is missing in politics today To govern in a democracy, political leaders have to compromise. When they do not, the result is political paralysis—dramatically demonstrated by the gridlock in Congress in recent years. In The Spirit of Compromise, eminent political thinkers Amy Gutmann and Dennis Thompson show why compromise is so important, what stands in the way of achieving it, and how citizens can make defensible compromises more likely. They urge politicians to focus less on campaigning and more on governing. In a new preface, the authors reflect on the state of compromise in Congress since the book's initial publication. Calling for greater cooperation in contemporary politics, The Spirit of Compromise will interest everyone who cares about making government work better for the good of all.

Midterm Campaigning and the Modern Presidency Reshaping the President s Relationship with Congress

The first of these two threads understands midterm campaigning as a
presidentially centered activity and as a subset of the larger theme of the
permanent campaign. Looking at midterm campaigning in this way greatly colors
how the literature ...

Midterm Campaigning and the Modern Presidency  Reshaping the President s Relationship with Congress

Author: Michael A. Julius

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440845174

Page: 160

View: 765

Providing a unique resource for readers seeking to understand the relationship between presidents, parties, and Congress, this book offers a new explanation of the motivations, strategies, and impacts of presidential midterm campaigns. • Examines all presidential midterm campaigning from 1954 (the inception of the "imperial" presidency) through 2014 • Includes case studies of nine presidents as midterm campaigners: Johnson, Taft, FDR, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Clinton, Bush, and Obama • Shows that presidents use campaigns not to aid their own party but to reshape it around their own ideological preferences • Explains the relationship between presidential midterm campaigning and the U.S. party system • Explores how presidential midterm campaigning affects subsequent Congressional behavior and federal elections

Key Concepts in Political Communication

FURTHER READING An early US insider study can be found in S. Blumenthal (
1980) The Permanent Campaign: Inside the World of Elite Political Operatives.
Boston, MA: Beacon. For a more in-depth review of the nature and effects see
N.J. ...

Key Concepts in Political Communication

Author: Darren G Lilleker

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1847878385

Page: 224

View: 118

This is a systematic and accessible introduction to the critical concepts, structures and professional practices of political communication. Lilleker presents over 50 core concepts in political communication which cement together various strands of theory. From aestheticisation to virtual politics, he explains, illustrates and provides selected further reading. He considers both practical and theoretical issues central to political communication and offers a critical assessment of recent developments in political communication.

Winning Power

change in campaign methods, becoming the first party in Canadian history to
adopt a permanent campaign model and make full use of the pre-writ period to
undermine their opponents. These innovations in fundraising and campaigning
didn't ...

Winning Power

Author: Tom Flanagan

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773590374


View: 509

Campaigns are central to the practice of modern democracy and integral to political participation in the twenty-first century. In Winning Power, Tom Flanagan draws on decades of experience teaching political science and managing political campaigns to inform readers about what goes on behind the scenes. While the goal of political campaigning - using persuasion to build a winning coalition - remains constant, the means of achieving that goal are always changing. Flanagan dissects the effects of recent changes in financial regulation and grassroots fundraising, the advent of the "permanent campaign," as well as the increase in negative advertising. He pulls these themes together to show how tactics are employed at specific points in a campaign by providing a firsthand account of his management of the Wildrose Party campaign in Alberta's 2012 provincial election. Lifting the veil of campaign secrecy, he provides a candid account of the successes and mistakes the newly formed party made in an election that nearly toppled the four-decade-long dynasty of Alberta's Progressive Conservatives. Modeling its campaign on the 2006 campaign that brought Stephen Harper to 24 Sussex Drive, Wildrose combined grassroots fundraising, an innovative platform that reached out to its electoral coalition, a carefully scripted leader’s tour, as well as negative and positive advertising in the race towards leadership. Success for the party seemed within reach until breakdowns in message discipline in the campaign’s final week caused the Wildrose tide to ebb. Citing diverse sources such as game theory, evolutionary psychology, and Aristotelian rhetoric, Flanagan explores the timeless aspects of campaigning and emphasizes new strategies of coalition-building. For future campaigners, Winning Power provides textbook illustrations of what does and doesn't work.

Campaigns and Elections

The book concludes with a big picture assessment of campaign ethics and implications of the "permanent campaign".

Campaigns and Elections

Author: Stephen K. Medvic

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136265554

Page: 397

View: 855

Stephen K. Medvic’s Campaigns and Elections addresses two distinct but related aspects of American electoral democracy—both the processes that constitute campaigns and elections and the players who are involved. In addition to this balanced coverage on process and actors, it also gives equal billing to both campaigns and elections, and to contests for both legislative and executive positions at the national and state and local level. The book starts by providing students with the conceptual distinctions between what happens in an election and the campaigning that proceeds it. Significant attention is devoted to setting up the context for these campaigns and elections by covering the rules of the game in the American electoral system as well as aspects of election administration and the funding of elections. Then the book systematically covers the actors at every level—candidates and their organizations, parties, interest groups, the media, and voters—and the macro level aspects of campaigns such as campaign strategy and determinants of election outcomes. The book concludes with a big picture assessment of campaign ethics and implications of the "permanent campaign".

Conservatism in Canada

Tom Flanagan, “Political Communication and the Permanent Campaign,” in How
Canadians Communicate IV, ed. David Taras and Christopher Waddell, 129–48 (
Edmonton: Alberta University Press, 2012). Norman Ornstein and Thomas ...

Conservatism in Canada

Author: James Harold Farney

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442666323

Page: 400

View: 308

With the electoral success of the Harper Conservatives federally and of a number of conservative parties provincially, the topic of Canadian conservatism is more important to our understanding of Canadian party politics than ever before. This timely volume presents the first comprehensive examination of Canadian conservatism in a generation – a period during which its nature has changed substantially. Conservatism in Canada explores the ideological character of contemporary Canadian conservatism, its support in the electorate, its impact on public policies such as immigration and foreign policy, and its articulation at both federal and provincial levels. The essays include comparisons with other countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, as well as specific examinations of conservatism in Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec. Featuring contributions by both established and new scholars in the fields of political science and public policy, this volume makes a significant contribution to our understanding of the changing nature of Canadian conservatism and its broader implications for the future of this country.