The Radio Station

Since its inception, terrestrial radio has been Washington, D.C.'s business.
Station managers, unlike the heads of most other enterprises, have had to
conform to the dictates and whims of a federal agency specifically conceived for
the purpose ...

The Radio Station

Author: John Allen Hendricks

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351816330

Page: 458

View: 368

The Radio Station offers a concise and insightful guide to all aspects of radio broadcasting, streaming, and podcasting. This book’s tenth edition continues its long tradition of guiding readers to a solid understanding of who does what, when, and why in a professionally managed station. This new edition explains what "radio" in America has been, where it is today, and where it is going, covering the basics of how programming is produced, financed, delivered and promoted via terrestrial and satellite broadcasting, streaming and podcasting, John Allen Hendricks and Bruce Mims examine radio and its future within a framework of existing and emerging technologies. The companion website is new revised with content for instructors, including an instructors’ manual and test questions. Students will discover an expanded library of audio interviews with leading industry professionals in addition to practice quizzes and links to additional resources.

Keith s Radio Station

The first edition of this book was published in 1986 and as the radio industry
evolved, so did this book. ... a practical, timely, illustrative, and accessible book
on radio station operations; to do so, hundreds of radio professionals have
contributed ...

Keith s Radio Station

Author: John Allen Hendricks

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1136027866

Page: 503

View: 985

Keith's Radio Station offers a concise and insightful guide to all aspects of radio operations, explaining the functions performed within every professionally managed station. Now in its ninth edition, this book continues its long tradition of guiding readers to a solid understanding of who does what, when, and why. This new edition explains what "radio" in America has been, where it is today, and where it is going. Covering the basics of how programming is produced, financed and delivered across a spectrum of technologies, including the newest technological trends such as streaming and podcasting, satellite, and HD Radio, John Allen Hendricks and Bruce Mims argue that the future of radio remains bright and strong as it continues to evolve with emerging technologies. New to this edition: New and updated essays from industry leaders discussing how radio is evolving in an era of rapidly changing technology A thorough examination of Internet radio, online music services, and mobile listening devices An analysis of how new technologies have fragmented the advertising dollar A discussion of station website content and promotional usage of social media A revised examination of technologically advanced strategies used in traffic and billing departments Updated, full-color photos and illustrations. The new companion website features content for both students and instructors, including an instructors’ manual, lecture slides, test questions, audio examples of key concepts, quizzes for students, and links to further resources.

Radio Stations

SUPPLY Station electrical wiring Requirements ELECTRICAL wiring is an art in
itself and as such justifies its own specialists. It is nevertheless as well that the ...

Radio Stations

Author: G. A. Chappel

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483184390

Page: 256

View: 560

Radio Stations: Installation, Design and Practice is concerned with various methods used in the planning, design, and installation of radio stations. The stages involved are discussed, from determining the ideal layout to drawing out the site plan and outlining the building plan. The factors to consider in the relative siting of the building are also addressed, along with the selection of the desired aerial and earth systems as well as the masts and/or towers. Comprised of 12 chapters, this book begins with a review of things to consider when choosing and inspecting a site for the proposed radio station, including good soil conductivity and dielectric properties to good access roads and availability of electricity supply within reasonable proximity. Subsequent chapters focus on the selection of buildings; the choice of masts or towers for aerial systems; design, construction, characteristics, and method of installation of transmission lines; and aerial systems commonly used with communications systems. The book also looks at transmission line switching systems, control units, and workshops. This monograph is intended for radio engineers and station designers.

America s Favorite Radio Station

On the one hand , WKRP , the radio station , began doing very well . Under an
economic boycott instigated by the " Clean Up Radio " people , WKRP went
commercial free and began picking up good numbers , eventually " becoming "
the ...

America s Favorite Radio Station

Author: Michael B. Kassel

Publisher: Popular Press

ISBN: 9780879725846

Page: 206

View: 305

Although it became one of the most successful programs in syndicated television history, WKRP in Cincinnati faced an uphill struggle trying to obtain prime-time success. Kassel chronicles the decisions and problems that affected WKRP's primetime success, and explores the reasons why it went on to become a classic.

What Radio Station Are You Listening To How to Raise Yourself Up Above All That Noise

Before I even fastened my seat belt or readjusted my mirrors, I quickly punched a
few buttons to decipher which program on that speedy menu would get those
decibels back under control. After much maneuvering of knobs up and down, left

What Radio Station Are You Listening To  How to Raise Yourself Up Above All That Noise

Author: Duke Lunsford

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1608606813

Page: 112

View: 166

Most people go through life with no idea how to achieve excellence though inspiration, yet others lead rewarding lives by tapping into the power within, a power we were all born with. So how do we harness that internal capability to achieve and become the best "YOU" possible? In this book, you will discover what makes some people succeed in life and some fail. You will understand why others are able to reach their potential while a majority just tiptoe through life wishing that good fortune would come their way. Finally, you will learn how to be able to pick yourself up spiritually, physically, financially, as well as handling many of today's family relationships after a setback. "Duke's use of analogies and life experiences convey a message to anyone wishing to achieve balance in their life. This book can help others overcome life's obstacles by focusing on the important goals in their personal and professional lives." - Rick Molt, Sales Executive "Duke's book shows you the real importance of finding and believing in a higher power greater than yourself. He helps and guides you throughout the many different directions in which we all take in life. Duke ... literally shows you how to achieve them through his own real life and personal experiences." -

Ham Radio Station Log Book

If you operate ham radio station this is perfect log book for you. since there are a set of equipments and antennas that need your attention for the whole system to work properly, This workbook should help you to tracker certain signals and ...

Ham Radio Station Log Book

Author: S M B Ham Radio Notebooks



Page: 112

View: 367

If you operate ham radio station this is perfect log book for you. since there are a set of equipments and antennas that need your attention for the whole system to work properly, This workbook should help you to tracker certain signals and setting of each connectors. The book includes sections like Date, time start, frequency, mode, power, report and QSL, remarks. Perfect Sized 8.5" x 11"Paper White paperPages 110 pages Cover: Soft cover (matt

The Radio Handbook

very radio station strives to achieve an identifiable style. Although the style may
be similar to others within the same group – for example, BBC local radio or all
Global radio stations – every station wants to be heard as offering an identifiable

The Radio Handbook

Author: Carole Fleming

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135258112

Page: 232

View: 924

The Radio Handbook is a comprehensive guide to radio broadcasting in Britain. Featuring two entirely new chapters for this edition, You Radio and Sport on Radio, this text offers a thorough introduction to radio in the twenty-first century. Using new examples, case studies and illustrations, it examines the various components that make radio, from music selection to news presentation, and from phone-ins to sport programmes. Discussing a variety of new media such as podcasts, digital radio and web-linked radio stations, Carole Fleming explores the place of radio today, the extraordinary growth of commercial radio and the importance of community radio. The Radio Handbook shows how communication theory informs everyday broadcasts and encourages a critical approach to radio listening and to radio practice. Addressing issues of regulation, accountability and representation, it offers advice on working in radio and outlines the skills needed for a career in the industry.

The Radio Handbook

These days, people rarely sit round the kitchen table in groups to listen to the
radio. It addresses each listener as an ... The chances are that its sound will
consist mainly of music if you are listening to an independent local radio station,
or of ...

The Radio Handbook

Author: Pete Wilby

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134868391

Page: 304

View: 644

First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Inventing the Radio

The success of these early broadcasts led to the establishment of the first
commercial radio stations . The Beginnings of ... In the garage of his home in
Pittsburgh , Conrad built a transmitter and set up a ham radio station . By 1920 ,
he was ...

Inventing the Radio

Author: Marianne Fedunkiw

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780778728177

Page: 32

View: 814

Discusses communication before radio, the first voice transmission, early radio stations, the advent of commercials, and radios in daily life.

African Broadcast Cultures

I also argue that the advertisements reflect the contents of many other
programmes of the radio station , and can therefore be seen as a development of
the Hausa literary and popular cultural forms that represent the emergence of a
new or ...

African Broadcast Cultures

Author: Richard Fardon

Publisher: James Currey Publishers

ISBN: 9780852558287

Page: 239

View: 688

This text examines a number of African radio broadcast cultures.

How to Build a Radio Station

Krone Frame Flexibility is the key to all technical design,. Rear Wiring of Jack A-
24 Rear Wiring of Jack J-17 Figure 41 Example of an audio path via a krone. -
133- How to build a radio station. Dave P. Walters Rear construction of Jack Field

How to Build a Radio Station

Author: Dave Walters


ISBN: 1847287077

Page: 194

View: 713

A comprehensive guide to building a radio station. From choosing premises, designing and building studios to choosing and installing the technical equipment


IN TOUCH WITH THEM Every ratings service, research company, and individual
radio station has endeavored to accurately identify the specific person it may call
a listener. When I teach a class about radio programming in the United States or


Author: Steve Warren

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0240806964

Page: 225

View: 162

An invaluable advantage over your competition, this "cheat-sheet" for the radio programmer includes practical advice regarding: Radio as a career--from tips on getting started to job negotiations Programming--talk radio and music, from format science to picking the hits Relationships with listeners--everything from staying in touch with your audience to public image Branding, marketing, and advertising the radio station Research--music tests, audience analysis, ratings, and more Practical information about management policies Radio realities--information on rules and regulations This latest edition has been updated to include: Important updates on an ever-evolving field Essential forms for radio station functions--production orders, personnel files, absentee reports, PSA schedules, format clocks, remote schedule, and more& to be accompanied by an on-line section of electronic forms for convenience Ideas for successfully programming in new radio formats like satellite, internet, and cable In such a competitive industry where formal training can be hard to come by, Radio: The Book, 4e, is a short-cut to the fast track for current and future programmers and program directors

Radio Production Worktext

Regardless of the actual physical size or shape, the production facility is the
creative center for a radio station or production house. Often the production
studio mirrors the on-air studio with the same or very similar equipment
configuration and ...

Radio Production Worktext

Author: David E. Reese

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 0240806905

Page: 241

View: 124

Radio Production Worktext, 5ED is designed to provide an introduction ot the modern radio production studio, the equipment found in that studio, and basic techniques to accomplish radio production work. The text also emphasizes digital equipment but also includes information on the older analog equipment still used in radio. The worktext format combines information, Q&As, and projects, providing a complete resource for teaching and learning, either in a formal classroom setting or as a self-study guide for the individual. The companion CD-ROM provides project material and demonstrations of key concepts. Radio Production Worktext's clear and simple approach makes it a useful reference for the entry-level broadcaster. The new edition focuses on digital technologies but also covers the revelant analog technologies and their role, while continuing to reflect all tools and methods commonly in use. Some chapters have been reordered to strengthen the text, in recognition of the importance of digital technologies to the whole of the production process - and wil bein the front of the book.

Coast to Coast the Radio DJ s Syndication How to Guide

The Studio As I discussed in chapter three, you may be able to utilize your home
radio station's production facilities to put together your show. But even if you do
get clearance from the station's GM, uncertainty will most likely always loom as to

Coast to Coast  the Radio DJ s Syndication How to Guide

Author: Randy "R Dub!" Williams


ISBN: 0557109256

Page: 176

View: 136

The essential how-to guide for any radio personality seeking syndication!Whether you're a talker, music-based DJ, mixer, or offer a service like imaging or show prep, Coast to Coast spells out each step from A to Z, on how to sucessfully syndicate your show or service.Written by a syndicated radio host who is also president of a syndication company and a major-market program director, Coast To Coast gives you every side of the syndication game: from putting together your show and building a home studio, to pitching your product to stations and shopping for a syndication deal.Includes a chapter of real-life stories of America's top syndicated hosts, from Dr. Laura to The Baka Boyz. Learn first hand from syndicated stars in all formats, and even VPs of the top syndication companies, as Coast to Coast picks their brain on the keys to syndication success.The "Tool Box" section lists hundreds of contacts including heads of programming at every syndication company in the US!

Slovakia Doing Business for Everyone Guide Practical Information and Contacts

ARTICLE 37 (RADIO LICENSE) (1) Within the territory of the Republic of Slovenia
, radio frequencies and/or radio frequency bands may be used and radio stations
purchased only on the basis of a radio license. (2) A granted radio license ...

Slovakia Doing Business for Everyone Guide   Practical Information and Contacts

Author: IBP USA


ISBN: 1438773285

Page: 260

View: 462

Business in Slovakia for Everyone: Practical Information and Contacts for Success

Creating Powerful Radio

Getting, Keeping and Growing Audiences News, Talk, Information & Personality
Broadcast, HD, Satellite & Internet Valerie Geller ... Keeping Your Promise Doug
Harris is also an expert on “branding” radio stations. “Branding” is often spoken ...

Creating Powerful Radio

Author: Valerie Geller

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 1136024018

Page: 368

View: 710

First Published in 2007. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Essential Radio Skills

Advertising the station in these ways may add to the reach of the station (the
number of people who listen), by: o Creating an awareness of the radio station
among potential new listeners, so more people sample the station. o Reminding

Essential Radio Skills

Author: Peter Stewart

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408130882

Page: 496

View: 336

"One of the few books we'd recommend" BBC Training "The perfect guide for anyone who wants to get on in this ever-changing and challenging media" Controller BBC Radio 5 Live "A rich repository of real, practical experience" Director - BBC Nations & Regions "An invaluable guide" Director - The Radio Academy This is a practical, how-to guide to producing and presenting radio to a professional standard. Packed with day-to-day advice that captures the essence and buzz of live broadcasting; from preparing your show before it goes out, last minute changes to running orders, deciding what to drop in over a track, how to sell a feature or promote a programme, setting up competitions, thinking fast in a phone in - this book will help you do all that and more. It covers network and commercial, music and talk radio skills and is particularly suited to the independent local or community radio. It features advice from professionals, covers industry-wide best practice with enough 'need-to-know' technical information to get you up and running. This edition has been updated throughout and has more than 500 weblinks to downloads and audio and video examples, as well as cross-references to the official National Occupational Standards for Radio Content.