Best Travel Writing 2005

(The book's title comes from a line in Paul Theroux's novel, Picture Palace: "
Travel is the saddest of the pleasures.") Thomsen, who stayed in Ecuador
following his mid-nineteen-sixties Peace Corps stint, pledged allegiance to
nothing except ...

Best Travel Writing 2005

Author: James O'Reilly

Publisher: Travelers' Tales

ISBN: 9781932361162

Page: 333

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The second volume in the annual series of travel writing features twenty-eight stories that take the reader from a recreation of Muhammad Ali's "Rumble in the Jungle" to the Aegean Sea in search of the long shadow of Odysseus. Original.

Forgiving the Boundaries

Epilogue STAYING BEHIND The Saddest Pleasure " Travel is a vanishing act , "
writes Paul Theroux , " a solitary trip down a pinched line of geography to oblivion
. . . . But a travel book is the opposite , the loner bouncing back bigger than life ...

Forgiving the Boundaries

Author: Terry Caesar

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 9780820316734

Page: 240

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Caesar attempts to historicize the sustaining interplay between romanticism and travel writing, but also emphasizes that his understanding of American travel writing has more to do with narrative form, epistemology, and cultural inheritance than particular historical shapings

Creative Writing Studies

The Saddest Pleasure: Fractured Time, Pattern and Composition The Saddest
Pleasure(Baranay, 1989b) is a collection of short prose in three parts: travel
diaries, short stories and a novella. There are surprises here for me as the
present ...

Creative Writing Studies

Author: Graeme Harper

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 184769019X

Page: 169

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Here creative writers who are also university teachers monitor their contribution to this popular discipline in essays that indicate how far it has come in the USA, the UK and Australia.

The Culture of Pleasure

The wild buck bells from ferny brake , The coot dives merry on the lake , The
saddest heart might pleasure take To see all nature gay . But June is to our
Sovereign dear The heaviest month in all the year ; . . . Still in his conscience
burns the ...

The Culture of Pleasure

Author: William Haig Miller

Publisher: New York, R. Carter & brothers


Page: 417

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Post colonial Women Writers

The novel takes us into the life of a classy call girl and looks at how sex functions
in contemporary society . Her next novel , The Saddest Pleasure ( 1989 ) has
three parts — the first part is travel writing , the “ saddest pleasure , ” of the title ,
the ...

Post colonial Women Writers

Author: Sunita Sinha

Publisher: Atlantic Publishers & Dist

ISBN: 9788126909858

Page: 266

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Book Lust to Go

I found his memoir of this trip, The Saddest Pleasure: A Journey on Two Rivers, to
be utterly enthralling. (Graham Greene once described travel as “the saddest
pleasure.”) Originally published in 1990 and now, alas, long out of print, it is
much ...

Book Lust to Go

Author: Nancy Pearl

Publisher: Sasquatch Books

ISBN: 1570617015

Page: 320

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Adventure is just a book away as best-selling author Nancy Pearl returns with recommended reading for more than 120 destinations around the globe. Book Lust To Go connects the best fiction and nonfiction to particular destinations, whether your bags are packed or your armchair is calling. With stops from Texas to Timbuktu, Nancy Pearl's reading recommendations will send you on your way.

A Day s Pleasure

in Pearl Street , where those pitiless big granite stores are now ; and , I don't
know why , but the idea of any human baby being born in Pearl Street seemed to
me one of the saddest things I'd ever heard of . ” Here Cousin Lucy went to the ...

A Day s Pleasure

Author: William Dean Howells



Page: 240

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The Truest Pleasure

The saddest thing of all was I saw that people couldn't be any way but what they
are. Even when doing right they are apt to be doing something else wrong. The
pile of chestnut logs Tom had sawed and left to season for crossties set between

The Truest Pleasure

Author: Robert Morgan

Publisher: Algonquin Books

ISBN: 1565128915

Page: 380

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A “wondrous” novel of a marriage in the Appalachian Mountains, from the New York Times–bestselling author of Gap Creek (San Antonio Express-News). Ginny and Tom have a lot in common—a love of the land, and fathers who fought in the Civil War. Tom’s father died, but Ginny’s father came back to western North Carolina to hold on to the farm and turn a profit. Ginny’s was a childhood of relative security, Tom’s one of landlessness. Truth be known—and they both know it—their marriage is mutually beneficial in purely practical terms. Tom wants land to call his own, and Ginny knows she can’t manage her aging father’s farm by herself. But there is also mutual attraction, and a growing love as time passes. What keeps getting in the way of it, though, are their obsessions. Tom is a workaholic who hoards time and money. Ginny is obsessed by Pentecostal preaching. That she loses control of her dignity, that she speaks “in tongues,” that she is “saved,” seem to her a blessing and to Tom a disgrace. It’s not until Tom lies unconscious at the mercy of a disease for which the mountain doctor has no cure that Ginny’s truest pleasure comes into focus. Named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year, this novel by a winner of the Thomas Wolfe Prize is filled with “marvelously vivid imagery” and insight into the timeless truths of love and marriage (The New York Times Book Review). “Morgan deeply understands these people and their world, and he writes about them with an authority usually associated with the great novelists of the last century . . . the book is astonishing.” —The Boston Book Review “Simple, eloquent language . . . pulses with poetry.” —The Washington Post Book World

In the Pleasure Groove Deluxe

At that moment, he was the saddest man in the world. I had a fantasy as a kid,
awful to admit, especially now, that I wanted Mom to go first, because I fancied
having Dad to myself, even if it was only for a short while. I was looking forward to

In the Pleasure Groove Deluxe

Author: John Taylor

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101620633

Page: 304

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The deluxe eBook edition of In the Pleasure Groove includes more than 100 additional photos, 8 video clips, and more than 10 audio excerpts, providing an even more complete journey through John Taylor’s life. John Taylor, Duran Duran’s co-founder, takes the reader on a wild ride from the eighties through today, writing about the music, the parties, and the MTV videos that made millions swoon. From the disco dazzle of debut single ‘Planet Earth’ right up to their latest number one album, All You Need is Now, Duran Duran has always had the power to sweep the world onto its feet. It’s been a ride – and for John in particular, the ride has been wild, thrilling... and dangerous. Now, for the first time, he tells his incredible story. A tale of dreams fulfilled, lessons learned and demons conquered. A shy only child, Nigel John Taylor wasn’t an obvious candidate for pop stardom and frenzied girl panic. But when he ditched his first name and picked up a bass guitar, everything changed. John Formed Duran Duran with his friend Nick Rhodes in the summer of 1978, and they were soon joined by Roger Taylor, then Andy Taylor and finally Simon Le Bon. Together they were an immediate, massive global success story, their pictures on millions of walls, every single a worldwide hit. In his frank, compelling autobiography, John recounts the highs –hanging out with icons like Bowie, Warhol and even James Bond; dating Vogue models and driving fast cars – all the while playing hard with the band he loved. But there were tough battles ahead – troubles that brought him to the brink of self-destruction – before turning his life around. Told with humor, honesty and hard-won wisdom, and packed with exclusive pictures, In the Pleasure Groove is a fascinating, irresistible portrait of a man who danced into the fire... and came through the other side.

The Pleasure and Pain of Cult Horror Films

The unplanned setting near Chernobyl looks so foreboding that you will feel you'
ve just stepped into the saddest circle of hell, and some scenes that had to be
improvised turned out much creepier than planned. (Ifyou wonder why Mother ...

The Pleasure and Pain of Cult Horror Films

Author: Bartłomiej Paszylk

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786453273

Page: 248

View: 388

The horror genre harbors a number of films too bold or bizarre to succeed with mainstream audiences, but offering unique, startling and often groundbreaking qualities that have won them an enduring following. Beginning with Victor Sjöström’s The Phantom Carriage in 1921, this book tracks the evolution and influence of underground cult horror over the ensuing decades, closing with William Winckler’s Frankenstein vs. the Creature from Blood Cove in 2005. It discusses the features that define a cult film, trends and recurring symbols, and changing iconography within the genre through insightful analysis of 88 movies. Included are works by popular directors who got their start with cult horror films, including Oliver Stone, David Cronenberg and Peter Jackson.

Oral Pleasure

Among the saddest sights I witnessed in Kazimierz was in one of the more
modern synagogues, which is falling apart; in fact, only a few of its extraordinary
windows, originally made in the nineteenth century, remain. In that synagogue, I
saw a ...

Oral Pleasure

Author: Jerzy Kosinski

Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic

ISBN: 080219401X

Page: 368

View: 291

“[This] new collection of Jerzy Kosinski’s interviews and speeches reveals an Everyman who worked on his own terms . . . A most welcome body of texts that elucidates a rather mysterious persona” (Tablet). Oral Pleasure: Kosinski as Storyteller is a collection of interviews, lectures, and transcriptions of media appearances from the legendary literary figure, Jerzy Kosinski. Compiled by his late widow, Kiki, most of the pieces here are published for the first time. These texts bring sharper focus to the themes in his works, making this strikingly erratic individual more accessible. They provide an uncensored portrait of the writer plagued by scandal, whose authenticity was challenged by fierce accusations of plagiarism regarding his seminal novel, The Painted Bird—suspicion that shadowed his career. Oral Pleasure reveals Kosinski as a truly genuine, gifted man of letters. The material covers different aspects of Kosinski’s eventful life, from his thoughts on Poland and the Holocaust to his experiences with acting and television. He expounds on the difficulties of writing under a totalitarian government and the importance of freedom of speech. He discusses the fine line between fiction and autobiography, the prominent role sex played in his writing and life, the philosophical importance of violence in his novels, and his controversial statements on Jewish identity. This collection offers new insight into Kosinski’s renowned work, portraying a brilliant storyteller behind the public figure. “Containing more than 60 documents from Kosinski’s career, the book flows like a conversation . . . thanks to the strength of Kosinski’s voice, [it is] coherent and recognizably whole. . . . Even without prior knowledge of his work, Kosinski rewards those willing to engage with his stories.” —Publishers Weekly

Hours of Pleasure

But ah , the saddest scene of all , That nearly drives me wild ; Is when I see the
lifeless form Of a helpless little child , My human nature in defense Bestirs my
wounded breast ; But crouches low , when I perceive My utter helplessness .

Hours of Pleasure

Author: Aaron L. Sleyster



Page: 316

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Wit and pleasure 7 tales by 7 authors

So be it, Constance ; but should ever Harry Ormond betray that trust, let him keep
out of my way." CHAPTER III. T T was one of the saddest Christmas uncle
archie's bankruptcy. 185.

Wit and pleasure  7 tales by 7 authors

Author: Wit




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Seductive Journey

Traveling is one of the saddest pleasures in life. Crossing unknown countries,
hearing people ... Yet my interest in both subjects stems from more than just the
pleasure I derive from them. It also originates in an interest in why other people ...

Seductive Journey

Author: Harvey Levenstein

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226473791

Page: 412

View: 827

For centuries, France has cast an extraordinary spell on travelers. Harvey Levenstein's Seductive Journey explains why so many Americans have visited it, and tells, in colorful detail, what they did when they got there. The result is a highly entertaining examination of the transformation of American attitudes toward French food, sex, and culture, as well as an absorbing exploration of changing notions of class, gender, race, and nationality. Levenstein begins in 1786, when Thomas Jefferson instructed young upper-class American men to travel overseas for self-improvement rather than debauchery. Inspired by these sentiments, many men crossed the Atlantic to develop "taste" and refinement. However, the introduction of the transatlantic steamship in the mid-nineteenth century opened France to people further down the class ladder. As the upper class distanced themselves from the lower-class travelers, tourism in search of culture gave way to the tourism of "conspicuous leisure," sex, and sensuality. Cultural tourism became identified with social-climbing upper-middle-class women. In the 1920s, prohibition in America and a new middle class intent on "having fun" helped make drunken sprees in Paris more enticing than trudging through the Louvre. Bitter outbursts of French anti-Americanism failed to jolt the American ideal of a sensual, happy-go-lucky France, full of joie de vivre. It remained Americans' favorite overseas destination. From Fragonard to foie gras, the delicious details of this story of how American visitors to France responded to changing notions of leisure and blazed the trail for modern mass tourism makes for delightful, thought-provoking reading. "...a thoroughly readable and highly likable book."—Deirdre Blair, New York Times Book Review

Jamming the Machinery

My piece 'You Don't Whinge' [in The Saddest Pleasure] was put together for an
anthology of 'multicultural women's writing' [Beyond the Echo (UQP)]. But this
thing has now happened: the Multicultural Industry and so on, leave me alone!

Jamming the Machinery

Author: Alison Bartlett

Publisher: National Library Australia


Page: 263

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