Storytellers Way

Learn how to tell stories for entertainment, teaching, coaching, healing or making meaning.

Storytellers Way

Author: Ashley Ramsden

Publisher: Hawthorn Press

ISBN: 1907359648

Page: 256

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Learn how to tell stories for entertainment, teaching, coaching, healing or making meaning. It contains a wealth of stories, exercises, questions, tips and insights to guide your storytelling path, offering time-tested and trusted ways to improve your skills, overcome blocks and become a confident and inspirational storyteller.

Telling Stories Your Way

"Explore the art of storytelling with master storyteller Bob Barton. This comprehensive guide offers practical approaches to all forms of story including folktales, poems and novels" Cf. Our choice, 2001.

Telling Stories Your Way

Author: Bob Barton

Publisher: Pembroke Publishers Limited

ISBN: 1551381192

Page: 144

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Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, l, p, e, i, t.

How to Read the Bible as Literature

It is a way to round off an action with a note of finality (without it storytellers would
hardly know how to end their stories). It is the storyteller's way of clarifying how he
feels morally and perhaps emotionally about the characters and events that ...

How to Read the Bible as Literature

Author: Leland Ryken

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310536332

Page: 208

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Why the Good Book Is a Great Read If you want to rightly understand the Bible, you must begin by recognizing what it is: a composite of literary styles. It is meant to be read, not just interpreted. The Bible’s truths are embedded like jewels in the rich strata of story and poetry, metaphor and proverb, parable and letter, satire and symbolism. Paying attention to the literary form of a passage will help you understand the meaning and truth of that passage. How to Read the Bible as Literature takes you through the various literary forms used by the biblical authors. This book will help you read the Bible with renewed appreciation and excitement and gain a more profound grasp of its truths. Designed for maximum clarity and usefulness, How to Read the Bible as Literature includes * sidebar captions to enhance organization * wide margins ideal for note taking * suggestions for further reading * appendix: "The Allegorical Nature of the Parables" * indexes of persons and subjects

Collected Poems

THE STORYTELLER'S WAY It's because the storytellers have been so faithful
That all these tales of infidelity come to light. It's the job of the faithful to evoke the
unfaithful. Our task is to eat sand, our task is to be sad, Our task is to cook ashes,

Collected Poems

Author: Robert Bly

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393652459

Page: 528

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Gathering more than sixty years of poetry, Collected Poems showcases the brilliant career of a "great American transcendentalist" (New York Times). An extraordinary culmination for Robert Bly’s lifelong intellectual adventure, Collected Poems presents the full magnitude of his body of work for the first time. Bly has long been the voice of transcendentalism and meditative mysticism for his generation; every stage of his work is warmed by his devotion to the art of poetry and his affection for the varied worlds that inspire him. Influenced by Emerson and Thoreau alongside spiritual traditions from Sufism to Gnosticism, he is a poet moved by mysteries, speaking the language of images. Collected Poems gathers the fourteen volumes of his impressive oeuvre into one place, including his imagistic debut, Silence in the Snowy Fields (1962); the clear-eyed truth-telling of his National Book Award–winning collection, The Light Around the Body (1967); the masterful prose poems of The Morning Glory (1975); and the fiercely introspective, uniquely American ghazals of his latest collection, Talking into the Ear of a Donkey (2011). A monumental poetic achievement, Collected Poems makes clear why poets and lovers of poetry have long looked to Robert Bly for emotional authenticity, moral authority, and artistic inspiration.

Binding of Isaac and Messiah The

Perhaps, this is the talmudic storyteller's way of hinting that martyrdom is so
terrible that no one really can be expected to ... If we recall now the other versions
of our story, perhaps we can understand what the talmudic storyteller is saying.

Binding of Isaac and Messiah  The

Author: Aharon (Ronald E.) Agus

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791494365

Page: 368

View: 398

The author provides an interpretation of the words of Jews living during the intertestamental period and through the third century, including several hassidim. A hermeneutics grounded in the perception of early Rabbinic texts as sharing in events rather than as linguistically autonomous is used. The phenomenology of Jewish martyrdom is read as an acting-out of the Binding of Isaac. The search leads into the question of the bindingness of the La. The The religious soul’s passion for the revelation of Law is followed out in its path of temptation to martyrdom. A grand drama of sacrifice and messianic yearnings is thereby unearthed.

Discussion as a Way of Teaching

This helps them propose alternative interpretations to the storyteller and uncover
her unquestioned assumptions . The storyteller gives all the information
detectives ask for , provided that it is requested in a nonjudgmental way . The
storyteller ...

Discussion as a Way of Teaching

Author: Stephen D. Brookfield

Publisher: Jossey-Bass


Page: 248

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1999 Critics' Choice Selection of the American Educational Studies Association In this guide to planning, conducting, and evaluating lively discussions, authors Stephen Brookfield and Stephen Preskill offer a variety of practical ideas, tools, and techniques for creating democratic classrooms. They suggest exercises to get discussion started, strategies for maintaining its momentum, ways to elicit a diversity of views and voices, ideas for creative groupings and formats, and processes to encourage student participation. In exploring the role of the teacher in discussion, they address the tensions and possibilities arising from ethnic, cultural, social class, and gAnder differences. Throughout the book, the authors emphasize how discussion fosters democratic participation and enhances learning. Additionally, they review how to balance the voices of students and teachers, while still preserving the moral, political, and pedagogic integrity of discussion. From the early stages of preparing students to participate in discussion to the final stages of evaluating its meaning and effects, the authors provide a comprehensive guide to realizing the promises--and avoiding the pitfalls--of this way of teaching. Each chapter contains numerous techniques, suggestions, and applications that can be adapted to a wide range of discussion settings. Sample exercises and formats are provided throughout, including case studies of successful practices. Discussion as a Way of Teaching is an accessible, practical resource for teachers, trainers, faculty, administrators, professional developers, facilitators, and other educational leaders. It will be useful to anyone who uses discussion to help people learn.

Storytelling in Northern Zambia

This book is the third volume in the World Oral Literature Series, developed in conjunction with the World Oral Literature Project.

Storytelling in Northern Zambia

Author: Robert Cancel

Publisher: Open Book Publishers

ISBN: 1909254592

Page: 294

View: 456

Storytelling plays an important part in the vibrant cultural life of Zambia and in many other communities across Africa. This innovative book provides a collection and analysis of oral narrative traditions as practiced by five Bemba-speaking ethnic groups in Zambia. The integration of newly digitalised audio and video recordings into the text enables the reader to encounter the storytellers themselves and hear their narratives. Robert Cancel's thorough critical interpretation, combined with these newly digitalised audio and video materials, makes Storytelling in Northern Zambia a much needed addition to the slender corpus of African folklore studies that deal with storytelling performance. Cancel threads his way between the complex demands of African fieldwork studies, folklore theory, narrative modes, reflexive description and simple documentation and succeeds in bringing to the reader a set of performers and their performances that are vivid, varied and instructive. He illustrates this living narrative tradition with a wide range of examples, and highlights the social status of narrators and the complex local identities that are at play. Cancel's study tells us not only about storytelling but sheds light on the study of oral literatures throughout Africa and beyond. Its innovative format, meanwhile, explores new directions in the integration of primary source material into scholarly texts. This book is the third volume in the World Oral Literature Series, developed in conjunction with the World Oral Literature Project.

The Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat

Fires of Inferno This Path of Dark Thaumaturgy relates to manipulating a form of
energy found only in Hades . The energy looks very much like fire , but it is
supernatural fire and can affect those with protection from normal flames . The
following ...

The Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat

Author: Steven C. Brown

Publisher: White Wolf Pub


Page: 138

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A Players Guide to the Sabbat introduced this deadly sect. The Storytellers Handbook to the Sabbat takes the kid gloves off, revealing the truth about this horrendous organization. From its ghoul families to its inner politics to its demonic ties, everything a Storyteller needs to know about the Sabbat is included within these pages.

The Storyteller s Companion to the Bible Genesis

The variety of approaches to retelling a Bible story included in this companion
will give you a taste for the many ways you will wish to tell these stories . Each
approach to retelling a story carries with it the possibility of your hearing the story

The Storyteller s Companion to the Bible  Genesis

Author: Michael Edward Williams

Publisher: Nashville : Abingdon Press


Page: 7

View: 377

This volume is for anyone who would like to imaginatively and memorably retell Bible stories from Genesis. Whether you are a preacher, a Sunday school teacher, or a parent, you will discover in this book everything you need to dynamically retell many of the foundational stories of the Jewish and Christian faiths. The authors stress that retellings are not intended to be memorized, but rather to spark your imagination. Additionally, Jewish midrashim offer unique, rabbinic interpretations of the stories in Genesis.

The Story Tellers Magazine

And the way to be always loved ? ” said the queen . “ Is to be good and simple
and do your husband ' s will . " “ He dares say that he is a wizard , ” said the
queen , indignantly , raising her hands to heaven . “ Have done with these
mysteries !

The Story Tellers  Magazine





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The Australasian Book News and Literary Journal

The other book, The Way of the Storyteller, by Ruth Sawyer (Viking Press, New
York), has a depth of richness which comes of ... It is an art which goes back to
the mists of pre-history, for the storyteller's way is by a long road and a winding

The Australasian Book News and Literary Journal





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The Transmedia Way A Storytellers Communicators and Designers Guide to the Galaxy

This book is an essay and a professional guide at the same time.

The Transmedia Way  A Storytellers  Communicators and Designers  Guide to the Galaxy

Author: Max Giovagnoli


ISBN: 9781387386512

Page: 310

View: 575

This book is an essay and a professional guide at the same time. It consists of all the most important masterworks and experiences, and is a "captain's log" with 100 examples of the most relevant and original transmedia universes invented over the past years, from America to Europe, from Asia to Africa and Australia. The discussion is endorsed by the presence of first rated professionals and academics who list among the most important international producers, authors and scholars in transmedia history. Angry Birds and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mr. Robot and Games of Thrones, The Dark Knight, Westworld and Hunger Games, Avatar and Assassin's Creed, LOST and Prometheus, Sin City, Mad Man and Halo, Dexter and Star Wars or brands like BMW and Burberry, Chanel and LEGO, HBO and Coke, IKEA, Harley Davidson and Discovery Channel.

The Way of the Warrior

This remarkable collection of stories also shows that the values that guided and inspired the Crow people in the past remain meaningful for them today.

The Way of the Warrior

Author: Phenocia Bauerle

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803262300

Page: 133

View: 668

With vigor and insight, Crow elders tell their favorite stories of the exploits of memorable leaders from years past in The Way of the Warrior. Rousing adventures and unforgettable warriors inhabit these tales: the impetuous Rabbit Child, who rushes to his fate as he keeps a sacred vow; the rise to power and dreaded revenge of Red Bear, one of the greatest and most spiritually powerful Crow leaders; the dazzling success and even greater shame of Spotted Horse; and the legendary bravery of Top of the Mountain. ø Decades ago the storytellers represented in this volume?including Carl Crooked Arm, Plain Feather, and Cold Wind?recounted these tales to two Crow brothers, Henry Old Coyote and Barney Old Coyote Jr. The Old Coyote brothers recorded, transcribed, and translated into English the accounts, which have now been edited and introduced by Barney's granddaughter, Phenocia Bauerle. Bauerle?s editing has preserved the power of the traditional Crow oral tales and has made them accessible to non-Crow readers as well. The result is a work that entertains and teaches readers about traditional Crow leaders and their world. This remarkable collection of stories also shows that the values that guided and inspired the Crow people in the past remain meaningful for them today.

This Way to Books

If you are the only storyteller , you run the risk of having your group emulate your
style exclusively simply because they are unaware that there are other ways to
tell stories . You might , therefore , recruit guest storytellers from local libraries ,
the ...

This Way to Books

Author: Caroline Feller Bauer

Publisher: Hw Wilson Company


Page: 363

View: 395

Suggests ways to use storytelling, programs, book talks, poet readings, games, crafts, and exhibits to get children interested in reading

New English New Ways

This is also a way for new and different stories to be tried out , but be sure you
know what is happening so that you can be near and able to help out .
Sometimes props can help the young teller . Experienced storytellers can add to ,
vary ...

New English  New Ways

Author: R. D. Walshe



Page: 128

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Functional Images of the Religious Educator

Lane, is that between the Jewish traditions of Halakah, "the way of reasoned
reflection on the law," and Haggadah, "the way of story."17 The religious
educator as storyteller walks the path of Haggadah — the way of metaphor, of
images and ...

Functional Images of the Religious Educator

Author: Timothy Arthur Lines


ISBN: 9780891350873

Page: 540

View: 285

FUNCITIONAL IMAGES OF THE RELIGIOUS EDUCATOR is one of those rare and precious books which helps religious educators explore and clarify their own special identity as religious educators. This special identity is revealed in ten basic functional roles which are central to religious education enactment. The author shows that while religious educators perform most and possibly all these ten basic functional roles, nonetheless one predominates. This dominant role, plus the way the religious educator harmoniously integrates the other roles into the dominant one, is the key to each religious educator's own special identity.