The International Politics of Eurasia v 1 The Influence of History

In addition to the Balkan wars, the European powers interfered in South Slav and
Balkan relations in 1878 (Berlin ... und die Sozialdemokratie (Moscow, 1906);
and numerous articles written by V.I. Lenin during the Balkan wars and World
War ...

The International Politics of Eurasia  v  1  The Influence of History

Author: S. Frederick Starr

Publisher: Routledge

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The Yugoslav Wars 2

The Serbian Chetnik Movement (Srpski celnicki pokret – SCP), under Vojislav
Seselj, were active in Nevesinje, Kupres, ... (Srbobran, near Donji Vakuf);
Temporary General-major Dragan Milosevic) OPGs, 15 TGs; Doboj, Prijedor &
Vlasic 1 ...

The Yugoslav Wars  2

Author: Nigel Thomas

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

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Following the death of the Yugoslavian President Tito in 1980, the semi-autonomous republics and provinces that he had welded into a multi-cultural nation in 1945 slid gradually towards separation. For ten years following 1991, the world watched in horror as a series of bloody wars ripped a modern European state apart, and the intolerable spectacle eventually forced international intervention. Illustrated with rare photos and colour uniform plates, this second of two volumes by experts on the Balkan region offers a concise breakdown of the indigenous forces involved in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia.

Joint Operational Warfare

backward planning , 1 - 8 , IX - 5 , 6 , 87 to 90 bad information , effect of , III - 66 to
67 Bagration , Pyotr , III - 58 balance ... modern ; Yugoslavia ballistic missile
defense ( BMD ) , VIII - 95 , 96 ballistic missiles , operational warfare vs . , 1 - 28 ...

Joint Operational Warfare

Author: Milan N. Vego

Publisher: Government Printing Office

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Smallholder farmers and pastoralists fulfil an invaluable yet undervalued role in conserving biodiversity. They act as guardians of locally adapted livestock breeds that can make use of even marginal environments under tough climatic conditions and therefore are a crucial resource for food security. But in addition, by sustaining animals on natural vegetation and as part of local ecosystems, these communities also make a significant contribution to the conservation of wild biodiversity and of cultural landscapes. This publication provides a glimpse into the often intricate knowledge systems that pastoralists and smallholder farmers have developed for the management of their breeds in specific production systems and it also describes the multitude of threats and challenges these often marginalized communities have to cope with.

Reflections on the Balkan Wars

Central Intelligence Agency, Office of Russian and European Analysis, Balkan
Battlegrounds: A Military History ofthe Yugoslav Conflict, 1900–1995, 2 vols.,
Washington, DC: Central Intelligence Agency, May 2002, Vol. 1, p. 130. Jan
Honig ...

Reflections on the Balkan Wars

Author: J. Morton

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1403980209

Page: 260

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In this collection scholars, policymakers and military officials explore the conditions that gave rise to the Balkan wars in the 1990s, the application of international law to the wars the conduct of the wars, and post-war issues. The essays are based on presentations given at the International Conference on the Balkans held at Florida Atlantic University in February 2002. The contributors come from varied backgrounds, including international law, genocide studies, peacekeeping, European politics, communications, history and military studies.

Europe and the Breakup of Yugoslavia

Gow J., 1997, Triumph of the Lack of Will: International Diplomacy and the
Yugoslav War, New York, Columbia ... Greco E., 1994a, “The Role of the Conflict
Prevention Centre in the Security System of the CSCE', Helsinki Monitor, V, 1: 1-

Europe and the Breakup of Yugoslavia

Author: Sonia Lucarelli

Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers

ISBN: 9789041114396

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This adaptation of Lucarelli's PhD thesis analyzes Western Europe's response to the disintegration of Yugoslavia, emphasizing the behavior of the major member states of the European Community and focusing on two crucial junctures: the 1991 recognition of Slovenia and Croatia, and the subsequent debate on military intervention. Her explanation of the European response to the Yugoslav wars is supported by much literature and an approach that combines neorealism, neoliberal institutionalism, and liberal intergovernmenalism. Particular attention is given to Western Europe's management of the conflict and the interplay of international and domestic factors. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Barbarism and Civilization

... 673–4 and Palestine 466–7 and Peace Conference (1919) 117–26 and
Second World War 300–1, 308–9, 324, 325–8, 369–75, 380–5 Senate 612, 696
Strategic Defense Initiative 614 trade and tariffs 172 and Yugoslav wars 738, 740
, 741, ...

Barbarism and Civilization

Author: Bernard Wasserstein

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191622516

Page: 928

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The twentieth century in Europe witnessed some of the most brutish episodes in history. Yet it also saw incontestable improvements in the conditions of existence for most inhabitants of the continent - from rising living standards and dramatically increased life expectancy, to the virtual elimination of illiteracy, and the advance of women, ethnic minorities, and homosexuals to greater equality of respect and opportunity. It was a century of barbarism and civilization, of cruelty and tenderness, of technological achievement and environmental spoliation, of imperial expansion and withdrawal, of authoritarian repression - and of individualism resurgent. Covering everything from war and politics to social, cultural, and economic change, Barbarism and Civilization is by turns grim, humorous, surprising, and enlightening: a window on the century we have left behind and the earliest years of its troubled successor.

The Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s

The volume incorporates the latest research, showing how the state of the field has evolved and guides students through the existing literature, topics and debates.

The Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s

Author: Catherine Baker

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 113739899X

Page: 192

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Catherine Baker offers an up-to-date, balanced and concise introductory account of the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s and their aftermath. The volume incorporates the latest research, showing how the state of the field has evolved and guides students through the existing literature, topics and debates.

American Book Publishing Record

China - - - History - - Civil War , 1945 - 1949 . ... Contents : v . 1 , pt . 1 . The
present state of Russia : in a letter to a friend at London / Samuel Collins . Pt . 2 .
... 703 Homeland calling : exile patriotism and the Balkan wars / Paul Hockenos .

American Book Publishing Record





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Perception and Reality in the Modern Yugoslav Conflict

INTRODUCTION 1 Sarah A.Kent, 'Writing the Yugoslav Wars', American
Historical Review, October 1997. ... 5 Also applicable in this context are Articles 6
and 39 of the Republic Srpska's Peoples Defence Act, and Article 33 of the
Republic ...

Perception and Reality in the Modern Yugoslav Conflict

Author: Brendan O'Shea

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134248687

Page: 272

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In this book, the author has tried bridge the gap between the common perception of the Yugoslav conflict as portrayed in the media and the actual grim reality with which he was dealing as an EU monitor on the ground. Drawing on original material from both UN and ECMM sources, he has identified the true origin of Former Yugoslavia's wars of dissolution, and critically examines the programme of violence which erupted in 1991 and eventually culminated in 1995 in the vicious dismemberment of a sovereign federal republic with seat at the United Nations. In doing so, he highlights the duplicitous behaviour of all parties to the conflict; the double standards employed throughout by the United States in its foreign policy; the lengths to which the Sarajevo government manipulated the international media to promote a 'victim' status; the contempt in which UN peace-keepers were ultimately held by all sides; and the manner in which Radovan Karadzic was sacrificed at the altar of political expediency, when the real culprits were Slobodan Milosevic and his acolyte, General Ratko Mladic. This book, the first by an EU Monitor with actual experience of the conflict, tells the real story of the modern Yugoslav conflict, 1991-1995.

Confronting the Yugoslav Controversies

Public perception has associated the Yugoslav wars of succession with all forms
of ethnically inspired violence, from murder, rape, and ... 1 The violent breakup of
the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia resulted in the largest refugee crisis
in Europe since World War II. ... all of the crucial, controversial issues that have
been debated since the breakup of Yugoslavia, such as the causes of the war
115 V.

Confronting the Yugoslav Controversies

Author: Charles W. Ingrao

Publisher: Purdue University Press

ISBN: 9781557535337

Page: 444

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This book presents the findings of an international research initiative of over 160 leading historians, social scientists, and jurists that brings together in one volume key evidence presented by all sides in the recent Yugoslav conflicts. It represents a direct assault on the proprietary interpretations that nationalist politicians and media have impressed on mass culture in each of the entities of the former Yugoslavia. Given gaps in the historical record and the existence of sometimes-contradictory evidence, the volume does not pretend to resolve all of the outstanding issues that divide the peoples of the former Yugoslavia. Yet, a combination of original research, the validation of existing evidence, and the exposure of widely held, bogus myths that anchor public perceptions should narrow considerably the parameters within which opposing sides can still engage in reasoned debate.

The Balkan Prospect

“The Filmmaker as Historian, Above and Below Ground: Emir Kusturicaandthe
Narrativesof Yugoslav History.” Rethinking History 5, no. 2: 233–253. Kennan,
George Q. 1993. The Other Balkan Wars: A 1913 Carnegie Endowment Inquiry in

The Balkan Prospect

Author: V. Calotychos

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137336803

Page: 271

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Following the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, the borders hitherto separating Greek culture and society from its contiguous Balkan polities came down, and Greeks had to reorient themselves toward their immediate neighbors and redefine their place within Europe and the new, more fluid global order. Projecting the political foresight and mustering the modernization policies to succeed in such an undertaking turned out to be no small feat, especially as the regional conflicts that had lain dormant during the Cold War were revived. Synthesizing the cultural, political, and historical into a sophisticated, interdisciplinary analysis, this innovative study untangles the prolonged 'historical moment' in which Greece and Europe were effectively held hostage to events in the Balkans - just at the time when both hoped to serve as the region's welcoming hosts.

East Central European Society and the Balkan Wars

Sofia , 1914 . Helmreich , Christian Ernest . The Diplomacy of the Balkan Wars
1912 - 1913 . ... VI , 1 - 2 . Belgrade , 1983 . Istorija na makedonskiot narod II .
Skoplje , 1969 . Istoria na Blgarija II . Sofia , 1956 . Jelavich , Barbara . A Century
of ...

East Central European Society and the Balkan Wars

Author: Bela K. Kiraly

Publisher: East European Monographs

ISBN: 9780880330992

Page: 434

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No Easy Fix

... 287–8 U Thant, 54–5 VanDeMark, Brian, 70 Van der Wolf, W., 151 Variables
influencing recovery from wars, 12–21; brutality, 18–20; ... See also Cold War;
Yugoslavia war crimes and trials for, 68–72, 75–6, 243–4 Weinberger, Caspar,
47 Weiss, 203, 223 Western courts. ... 293; and war, 20, 149–51, 157, 163–4,181,
182–3, 227, 230–1, 232–3, 273–4, 293 World Bank, 288; and Cambodia, 134–43
, ...

No Easy Fix

Author: Kevin N. Flatt

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773588574

Page: 360

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The UN has adopted a "responsibility to protect" mandate for humanitarian intervention in civil wars - but there is no institutional basis for carrying out that mandate. Patricia Marchak argues that unless would-be interveners have an understanding of local issues, agents who speak local languages, and a military force fully prepared to undertake both peaceful and military missions on short notice, UN and other attempts to intervene are unlikely to succeed. While UN-sponsored international criminal courts have been successful in obliging leaders to accept responsibility for their actions during bitter internal wars, Marchak argues that they may not be the best means of bringing truth and reconciliation to survivors. Based on the principle of individual responsibility, they are not designed to deal with collective crimes against humanity and genocide, nor are they good instruments for dealing with the breakdown of societies. Bringing together her own field interviews, documentary material, and secondary sources, Marchak critically assesses the recent history of international interventions and criminal prosecutions. She examines three cases in detail: Cambodia, Rwanda, and the former Yugoslavia in its current forms of Bosnia and Serbia, considers their international context prior to and during internal wars, and argues that each case has to be understood in its own context and history - there is no common pattern and no easy fix that could mend broken societies after the wars. No Easy Fix is of interest to anyone concerned with how the international community deals with civil wars that involve serious crimes against humanity.

The Breakup of Yugoslavia and the War in Bosnia

War: A. Historical. Overview. There was no Yugoslavia before the end of 1 9 1 8.
The territory of that future state was ruled or dominated for ... started assembling
an empire in the northern and western regions of what would become Yugoslavia
, while the Ottomans began conquering the ... The new intellectual climate V.

The Breakup of Yugoslavia and the War in Bosnia

Author: Carole Rogel

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313299186

Page: 182

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Presents a historical overview of the breakup and war with details of the myths, propaganda, and politics of the hostilies, and the prospects for the future

The Past in Present Times

The Yugoslavian movement only encompassed this aspiration during World War
I when the Yugoslavian Committee (Odbor) advocated and acted together with
the Serbian ... The indifferent attitude or even unfavorable viewpoint 6 Part 1 V.

The Past in Present Times

Author: Lajčo Klajn

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761836476

Page: 334

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The Past in Present Times exposes the violations of human rights, war crimes, and genocide during the rise of the former Yugoslavia during World War I, prior to and directly after World War II, the Yugoslav War, and the recent fall of the federation. In addition to the legal findings by the Nuremberg and Hague Tribunals, including the most recent trials, this legal-historical analysis reviews details of undisputed facts and recorded dialogues, which unveils surprising background information. As Dr. Lajco Klajn leads the reader along an historical line of events, he clarifies the factors and circumstances that led to genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity while explaining the social, legal, historical, and moral consequences. Without forcing judgment about the past, Dr. Klajn exposes the roots of these conflicts and explains why if the roots are not eradicated, the conflicts may resurface in the future as a manifestation of even more monstrous wars and suffering as the past becomes the present once again.