Through Not Around

This collection offers personal stories about what it's like to go through the emotional and physical facets of infertility, miscarriage, and pregnancy loss: the pain, sadness, and desperation, the hope, humour, and frustration.

Through  Not Around

Author: Allison McDonald Ace

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 1459742982

Page: 232

View: 795

Everything doesn't (always) happen for a reason. Infertility and pregnancy loss can be devastating, yet both are often private sorrows for the one in six people who cope with the experience. This collection offers personal stories about what it's like to go through the emotional and physical facets of infertility, miscarriage, and pregnancy loss: the pain, sadness, and desperation, the hope, humour, and frustration. Through, Not Around offers reassurance to those in the midst of their own struggles that they are not alone and that it is possible to find acceptance and strength on the other side of grief. The way forward is by going through the grief, not around it. Allison McDonald Ace, Ariel Ng Bourbonnais, and Caroline Starr are co-founders of The 16 Percent, a website dedicated to sharing stories of pregnancy loss and infertility. To read or share your story, visit

No Way Around But Through

Scott Caan. NO WAY AROUND BUT THROUGH by Scott Caan 2M , 3W When
Jacob discovers that his girlfriend Holly might be pregnant , he drags his friend
Frank into the maddening wormhole that is his psyche , a venture that lands them
on ...

No Way Around But Through

Author: Scott Caan

Publisher: Dramatists Play Service Inc

ISBN: 9780822227137

Page: 52

View: 663

THE STORY: When Jacob discovers that his girlfriend, Holly, might be pregnant, he drags his friend Frank into the maddening wormhole that is his psyche, a venture that lands them on the doorstep of Lulu: Jacob's mother and the matriarch of madness

Through the Dark Continent Or The Sources of the Nile Around the Great Lakes of Equatorial Africa and Down the Livingstone River to the Atlantic Ocean

You, Sambuzi, at Laugurwe, told me you were not a child, but a man. If you are a
man how comes it that you allow a boy like Bugomba, whose fears have run
away with his wits, to speak in a council of tried warriors such as I see here ? Do
you ...

Through the Dark Continent  Or  The Sources of the Nile Around the Great Lakes of Equatorial Africa and Down the Livingstone River to the Atlantic Ocean

Author: Henry Morton Stanley

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486256677

Page: 480

View: 624

Volume 1 of great explorer's classic account of explorations of lakes of Central Africa, perilous journey down unexplored Congo River. Incredible hardships, perseverance. 90 black-and-white illustrations. Map.

Posters Propaganda and Persuasion in Election Campaigns Around the World and Through History

Iraq ' s on Fire ” — a reference to his “ deception ” by involving the country in
2003 in the conflict initiated by the U . S ... 173 Although there seems to be a
trend toward more negative campaigns , it is important to realize that they are not
always ...

Posters  Propaganda  and Persuasion in Election Campaigns Around the World and Through History

Author: Steven A. Seidman

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9780820486161

Page: 327

View: 326

How effective are election campaign posters? Providing a unique political history, this book traces the impact that these posters - as well as broadsides, banners, and billboards - have had around the world over the last two centuries. It focuses on the use of this campaign material in the United States, as well as in France, Great Britain, Germany, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, and many other countries. The book examines how posters evolved and discusses their changing role in the twentieth century and thereafter; how technology, education, legislation, artistic movements, advertising, and political systems effected changes in election posters and other campaign media, and how they were employed around the world. This comprehensive and original overview of this campaign material includes the first extensive review of the research literature on the topic. Posters, Propaganda, and Persuasion will be useful to scholars and students interested in communications, politics, history, advertising and marketing, art history, and graphic design.

Screaming through the Silence

Not the behavior we would assume from a victim of a serious crime. But not all is
as it ... The fact that there was not any dramatic, physical injury does not mean
there was not an assault. ... Still, Ithink at least afew others would be here by now

Screaming through the Silence

Author: Mary Ann Ricciardi

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1467871532

Page: 156

View: 395

"It happens quickly. I'm not in that house ten minutes before my world stops making sense." From victim to survivor, Mary Ann Ricciardi pens from a most honest and heartfelt point of view, sharing what she knows to be true about the emotional ruin that trails behind the silence and myths surrounding intimate violence. In Screaming Through the Silence: Memories, Truths and a Hope Toward Understanding, Ricciardi writes with a purpose and desire to end the harmful silence of generations past and present. Presenting the issues simply and logicaIly, Ricciardi's "gentle rant" comes from years of social observations, her own personal struggle as victim turned survivor and her ongoing work with victims of intimate assault. Included are the voices of intimate assault and abuse survivors who so willingly share their truths in hopes of encouraging better understanding and awareness. "Society cannot understand because victims don't tell; victims don't tell because society does not understand."

Ayo s Adventures Tales of My Journeys Through the Second Life Virtual World

The owner was called Claudius and I will always remember it. I figured he would
let us just visit as long as he was not around as many landlords do in SL. So
Keith and I went in, through the hall, to the sitting room. But once there, it was ...

Ayo s Adventures  Tales of My Journeys Through the Second Life Virtual World

Author: Françoise Sabard

Publisher: BoD - Books on Demand France

ISBN: 2810607729

Page: 64

View: 709

This is the story of the life and experiences of Fran's avatar, Ayo. Ayo is her name within Second Life. Ayo will first describe what Second Life is, how she and Fran relate, then she will tell stories of her experiences in Second Life with each of them illustrating a point about life in Second Life. All these themes are centered around the encounter of Ayo with her "twin soul" Ludwig and the reactions of their Real Life creators hidden behind their laptops. A touch of romance thrown in... What will Ayo and Ludwig's future be? makes Ayo's Aventures pleasant and interesting to read.

Longsuffering Through Emotional Wounds

Here she is.” “Hello. Is this what's up Niasha? You got this guy with my son while
you're not around?” “What are you offof, Mac?” “Naw, bitch, what are you off of?
Niasha, I caught your dude talking crazy to our son.” “Bruce loves our son, ...

Longsuffering Through Emotional Wounds

Author: DeShawn Dorsey

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477103457

Page: 91

View: 690

Love, loss and acceptance, these are the three challenges that JT and Mac has to face in their battle for visitation rights over their children. Its a hurdle around every corner for these guys to jump over, no matter how many times they try to make things right with their children; their baby mommas stands in the way. How far will JT or Mac go to resolve the problem?

The Queer Renaissance

Through an extended analysis of "El Corrido de Gregorio Cortez,” Paredes
contested Webb's characterization of the ... Moraga writes, “But the passage is
through, not over, not by, not around, but through" (xiv), she goes on to explain
her hope ...

The Queer Renaissance

Author: Robert McRuer

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814755549

Page: 257

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2013 Honorable Mention, Asian American Studies Association's prize in Literary Studies Part of the American Literatures Initiative Series Why do black characters appear so frequently in Asian American literary works and Asian characters appear in African American literary works in the early twentieth century?Interracial Encounters attempts to answer this rather straightforward literary question, arguing that scenes depicting Black-Asian interactions, relationships, and conflicts capture the constitution of African American and Asian American identities as each group struggled to negotiate the racially exclusionary nature of American identity. In this nuanced study, Julia H. Lee argues that the diversity and ambiguity that characterize these textual moments radically undermine the popular notion that the history of Afro-Asian relations can be reduced to a monolithic, media-friendly narrative, whether of cooperation or antagonism. Drawing on works by Charles Chesnutt, Wu Tingfang, Edith and Winnifred Eaton, Nella Larsen, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Younghill Kang, Interracial Encounters foregrounds how these reciprocal representations emerged from the nation’s pervasive pairing of the figure of the “Negro” and the “Asiatic” in oppositional, overlapping, or analogous relationships within a wide variety of popular, scientific, legal, and cultural discourses. Historicizing these interracial encounters within a national and global context highlights how multiple racial groups shaped the narrative of race and national identity in the early twentieth century, as well as how early twentieth century American literature emerged from that multiracial political context.

Looking Through the Trauma Lens

If his problem wasn't viewed through the trauma lens and no trauma treatment
was done, I believe that he would have been in treatment for many sessions and
these sessions would have revolved around changing his behavior or cognition,

Looking Through the Trauma Lens

Author: Susan Sluiter

Publisher: Loving Healing Press

ISBN: 1615998683

Page: 21

View: 228

I developed renewed faith in the power of psychotherapy after I attended a Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) course in 2011. It opened many doors for me as I began to understand the impact of previously overlooked, objectively minor traumatic incidents on psychological disorders and problems. This article is about the application of this powerful tool over the entire spectrum of psychological problems and disorders and how this brings about impressive and permanent change. The optimal use of this tool in psychotherapy requires a shift in epistemology in which we begin to view mental health through a trauma lens. The definition of psychological trauma can vary. From a TIR perspective, trauma can be defined as any incident that had a negative physical or emotional impact on an individual. This is a very subjective issue as the something could be perceived as traumatic by one individual, but as commonplace and harmless by another. The important thing is the emotional and physical impact the incident had on the individual, its subjective impact. The reason it is so important to view trauma in the broadest way possible is because it explains the chronic mood states of our clients as well as how subconscious intentions and automatic emotional responses affect their current lives. These will be explained below. Traumatic incidents, when understood in the broadest sense possible, have a massive effect on our neurobiology, emotional states and behavioral patterns. Therefore, they can be seen as the driving force behind almost all psychological problems and disorders. When I say traumatic incidents “in the broadest sense possible,” I refer to the everyday incidents of trauma that are objectively perceived as minor, such as an embarrassing comment by a teacher, conflict with a friend, breaking your mother’s expensive vase, etc. It involves an understanding of how the emotional knocks we take on a daily basis affect our neurobiology and continue to have an impact on us in later life. The understanding of subconscious intentions, automatic emotional reactions and responses and chronic mood states are so crucial when it comes to looking at mental health through a trauma lens. Minor and major psychological and physical trauma involves a complex description of the effects on the brain. This article includes detailed case studies including specific incidents such as birth trauma and jealousy and rage. We will look in detail at how trauma results in Goleman’s “Amygdala Hijacking” and how we can help the client break destructive cycles. I also explain why sheer willpower is insufficient to change behavior in the face of traumatic restimulation. Additionally, the article explains how TIR avoids re-traumatization even as clients revisit past incidents.

Villages Around Colchester Through Time

The doctor came across from Wivenhoe and used the former workshop as his
consulting room. However, there was no such thing as a waiting room in those
days and the patients had to wait outside in the street until they were called in!

Villages Around Colchester Through Time

Author: Patrick Denney

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445631881

Page: 96

View: 156

Daily Words of Encouragement To Live By

It is no different in the spiritual realm. Ifwe as Christians are to reach our final
destination, there is only one way that can occur: we must go through our Lord
and SaviorJesus the Christ. He is the key to the kingdom, and we cannot
circumvent ...

Daily Words of Encouragement To Live By

Author: Dr. Jim Bostic Th. DS.

Publisher: WestBowPress

ISBN: 1449780156

Page: 556

View: 163

Life for many people does not offer much to be celebrated. Finances are tight, relationships have gone badly, health concerns have risen, children are becoming unmanageable, and it has caused many people to feel defeated. The Daily Words of Encouragement will lift the broken hearted, give hope to the hopeless, and bring healing for your soul.

Whalley and Around Through Time

Not all that far away is Altham, and here the place name means 'the water
meadow where the swans are found'. The church, which originally served not
only Altham but a very wide area between Burnley and Accrington, is dedicated
to St ...

Whalley and Around Through Time

Author: Roger Frost

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445632179

Page: 96

View: 119

Why Me Why Not Me Captain Bob s Journey to Heaven Through Surrender

The problem was that there was almost no cost to the dealer, and he could not
bring himself around to believing that he could ... So here I am in the grip of Jesus
Christ, being carried right through this ending period of my life, and I am again ...

Why Me  Why Not Me Captain Bob s Journey to Heaven Through Surrender

Author: Robert R. Schulte

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1449768229

Page: 250

View: 604

"Why me God? Why not me? I noticed a swelling on my lower left leg on the calf muscle in late December 2009. There was no pain at all, so I dismissed it as a swelling from a hard fall I had taken in my basement about a month earlier. I showed it to Cindy who wanted me to go to the doctor's, but if you haven't noticed I am thick headed and wanted to see if it would just go didn't. The doctor's visit and subsequent MRI in February began the process of identifying just what this thing was. Treatment could only begin after a positive ID. At this point I was not overly concerned. I still believed it to be a hematoma from the fall. It turned out to be much, much more." This is the first entry into a 2-year CaringBridge journal for my husband Bob who was 63 at the time and a very virile and active man. The hematoma turned out to be a rare and aggressive cancer that would take his life just 2 years later. The journal documents the tremendous faith and strength that he received from Christ every step of the way. The journal will carry you through the innermost thoughts of a man who knows that there is a possibility that he will not live through this, but turns to God and sees the joy of life in adversity. I rode the journey with him for 2 years and realized that through Jesus, Bob was able to not only live well but also to die well. His journal will put you front and center on his beautiful journey, something he called "an e-ticket ride with Christ." We were all blessed to be a part of his journey and I hope, that after reading this, you will feel blessed too. "He took my fear and turned it into wonder" "The mysteries of the ages will be mine soon. Are you jealous" "Open our eyes to the reality of the moments we live in."

Homilies for Weekdays

Too , while there may have been local minstrels around , CDs were not around .
During this same period there was a nonchalance or hesitation about the number
of sacraments : were there eleven , twelve , nine ? Somewhat arbitrarily the ...

Homilies for Weekdays

Author: Don Talafous

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814618714

Page: 83

View: 400

"Short, sample homilies based on the two-year weekday cycle of the Catholic Lectionary for Mass"--Provided by publisher.

Around Greensboro

Just as the glass industry was replaced by pottery, on its way out, pottery was
replaced by coal mining. With the discovery of a rich seam of bituminous coal in
the area, another rise in industry swept through not only Greensboro, but also its

Around Greensboro

Author: Michele Buday-Murray

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 1467122645

Page: 128

View: 129

Around Greensboro covers communities of southeastern Greene County, including Greensboro at its heart. Greensboro was originally called Delight by the Mingo Indians who lived in the region. Because of its location on the Monongahela River, it quickly became an important trading location for the trappers and settlers moving through in the late 1700s. Later, Albert Gallatin introduced a group of Belgian glassblowers to the area, and in 1807, the glassworks in Greensboro was opened. As the glass business began to fade, another took its place. The area was rich in clay, which would be vital to the development of the pottery industry. From the 1840s to 1915, pottery was king in Greensboro, and the town boomed. As the pottery industry faded, it too would be replaced by another industry: coal. Greensboro, once famous for its glass and pottery, became known for its bituminous coal mines. This book covers the early days of Greensboro to the devastating Election Day Flood of 1985.

The Earth Around Us

Dye introduced into the sinkhole receiving the village's partially treated sewage
reappeared within four hours in the farm well where typhoid had first occurred.
The dye did not appear in other shallow wells in the area, but typhoid organisms

The Earth Around Us

Author: Jill Schneiderman

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

ISBN: 1466814438

Page: 250

View: 690

Soil contamination...public lands...surface and groundwater pollution...coastal warming. Have we reached the limits of this planet's ability to provide for us? If so, what can we do about it? These vital questions are addressed by Jill Schneiderman in The Earth Around Us, a unique collection of thirty-one essays by a diverse array of today's foremost scientist-writers. Sharing an ability to communicate science in a clear and engaging fashion, the contributors explore Earth's history and processes--especially in relation to today's environmental issues--and show how we, as members of a global community, can help maintain a livable planet. The narratives in this collection are organized into seven parts that describe: - Earth's time and history and the place of people in it - Views of nature and the ethics behind our conduct on Earth - Resources for the twenty-first century, such as public lands, healthy forests and soils, clean ground and surface waters, and fluctuating coastlines - Ill-informed local manipulations of landscapes across the United States - Innovative solutions to environmental problems that arise from knowledge of the interactions between living things and the Earth's air, water, and soil - Natural and human-induced global scale perturbations to the earth system - Our responsibility to people and all other organisms that live on Earth Never before has such a widely experienced group of prominent earth scientists been brought together to help readers understand how earth systems function to produce our physical and biological environment. Driven by the belief that earth science is, and should be, an integral part of everyday life, The Earth Around Us empowers all of us to play a more educated and active part in the search for a sustainable future for people and other living things on our planet.

Portishead Through Time

By dint ofits size,Portishead has altered the most over the years,but Pill and Long
Ashton havealso undergone significant changes, not just in appearance butin the
livelihoods of the inhabitants. Pill's two main functions,of piloting vessels along ...

Portishead Through Time

Author: Will Musgrave

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445620723

Page: 96

View: 508

North Somerset has seen great changes in the last two centuries, and this evocative collection of old and new photographs shows how three of the county's communities, Portishead, Pill and Long Ashton, have altered and grown through time. All three had a close relationship with the old maritime port of Bristol, which shaped their history. As can be seen in these beautifully illustrated pages, many of the streets, shops, houses and workplaces have greatly changed. Sitting on the edge of the Severn Estuary, Portishead was an insignificant North Somerset village in 1811, with a population of just 369. It was transformed over the next 100 years into a popular seaside resort with a busy dock. Today, Portishead has reinvented itself as a cosmopolitan town, complete with a magnificent marina. Dependent on Bristol's sea trade, Pill has had to adapt to the closure of Bristol's docks, while Long Ashton has grown from a rural outpost into a prosperous village.

There is no leadership only effective management

Are there companies which do well, but do not go through the ten steps
described before in this chapter? Sure. However, the point is that they would
surely still do better, were they to improve their decision making process. They do
well in spite ...

There is no leadership  only effective management

Author: Jorge Vasconcelos e Sá

Publisher: Vida Economica Editorial

ISBN: 9727886019

Page: 232

View: 299

A liderança é um tema atual de cuja importância se fala muito na presente crise portuguesa, europeia e mundial. Este novo livro de Vasconcellos e Sá demonstra que há um conceito errado do que é liderança recorrendo ao primeiro livro sobre o tema (de Xenophon sobre Ciro o grande, fundador do império Persa), à História (Chancellorsville que os militares chamam a batalha perfeita) e à prática dos melhores gestores do mundo (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Andy Grove e Alfred Sloan). Usando estes exemplos o livro demonstra que ninguém pode liderar, sem ser um gestor efectivo: organizar, coordenar, pôr a pessoa certa no sítio certo, motivar e controlar. Só assim se produzem resultados. Daí o título: Não há liderança, só há gestão efectiva. Daí a importância da obra. E daí finalmente, a insatisfação (tão) geral com um tema (tão) central. Uma obra de grande interesse prático para gestores, empreendedores e líderes de empresas. A obra está escrita em Inglês.

Earth Tales from Around the World

Why do we not send Hare , ” said little Mouse . “ Could anyone cover the ground
faster than Hare once he grabs the sun and escapes from the hall of the Tungaks
? ” “ Let us send Hare ! ” cried the other animals Snow Bunting leaned over and ...

Earth Tales from Around the World

Author: Michael J. Caduto

Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing

ISBN: 9781555919689

Page: 192

View: 394

A collection of forty-eight tales from all over the world stresses the concept of respect for nature