What is God Doing in Israel

It is very encouraging that, in this battle for Jewish hearts, I am not alone.
Together we understand that God has a family in the land of Israel, and we are
like an army. What I like is that when we are together doing outreaches, or
praying ...

What is God Doing in Israel

Author: Julia Fisher

Publisher: Monarch Books

ISBN: 0857216864

Page: 240

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In the Holy Land, despite the politics and conflict that divide Jews and non-Jews, the Body of Christ is growing. Author Julia Fisher presents fourteen true stories from Jewish, Arab and Palestinian believers living in Israel and Palestinian areas that describe what God is doing despite the current tide of political and religious turmoil. Reconciliation is at the heart of each story, though reconciliation in the context of the Middle East is fraught with danger and seemingly impossible challenges. These interviews, demonstrate how, despite the tensions and the dreadful headlines, the Christian faith is growing. More and more Muslims are becoming Christians - stories of Palestinian Muslims becoming Christians and stories of Jewish people, some of them former orthodox Jews, becoming believers. Interviewees include expatriate Jews, children of Holocaust survivors, believers from Muslim backgrounds, a former drug addict, a pastor in Bethlehem, and an Egyptian setting up an underground church in Gaza. This will be enjoyed by those fascinated by the land of Israel, and the narrative of the Jewish people.

Doing Jewish Theology

A respected scholar, theologian, and winner of the National Jewish Book Award offers an engaging examination of the central themes of Judaism, providing extraordinary insights into Jewish identity, theology, and one's relationship with God.

Doing Jewish Theology

Author: Neil Gillman

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

ISBN: 1580233228

Page: 283

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A respected scholar, theologian, and winner of the National Jewish Book Award offers an engaging examination of the central themes of Judaism, providing extraordinary insights into Jewish identity, theology, and one's relationship with God.

What on Earth Is God Doing

Christian Library of Lancaster Collection.

What on Earth Is God Doing

Author: Renald Showers

Publisher: Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry

ISBN: 9780915540808

Page: 144

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Walk from creation to eternity in a way guaranteed to change your view of the world. You'll finally understand the war Satan is waging against God and how that conflict has affected history, including the persecution of Jewish people and Christians.

Israel and the Church

In Israel and the Church, bestselling author and native Israeli Amir Tsarfati breaks down the contemporary and future roles of the Jewish people and the church.

Israel and the Church

Author: Amir Tsarfati

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 073698271X

Page: 224

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Discover God’s Current and Future Plans for Israel Many Christians today wonder about God’s plans for Israel, and how they relate with what He’s doing in the church. Among the questions they ask are… Do the promises God made to the Old Testament nation of Israel still apply to Jewish people today? In what ways are current events in Israel significant to Christians and the church? Has God given to the church the promises He had previously made to the Jewish nation? Does Bible prophecy teach a future national—and spiritual—restoration of Israel? In Israel and the Church, bestselling author and native Israeli Amir Tsarfati breaks down the contemporary and future roles of the Jewish people and the church. Drawing on the careful interpretation of key Bible passages, a logical review of history, and an analysis of Bible prophecy and current world events, he outlines God’s specific promises to each group, and reveals how those promises demonstrate His eternal and unfailing love. As the day of the Lord rapidly draws near, it’s vital to understand God’s plans for all His people. Israel and the Church takes a fascinating look at what is to come—and why it’s so relevant to us today!

What Was God Doing Before He Made Man

Dispensation of promise is so called because ofthe promises God made to
Abraham. This dispensation begins in Genesis 12:1 and goes to the exit of the
children of Israel from the land ofEgypt. There were two periods in this
dispensation: The ...

What Was God Doing Before He Made Man

Author: Marion Tripp

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1499066538

Page: 94

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The Rev. Dr. Marion Tripp's unusual book, ask an important question that is rarely brought to light. D. Tripp opens with an insight discussion of the mystery of God, and the Christian concept of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. A fascinating look at God's creation of the angels, of Lucifer's roll in the earth when it earth was created; how the earth became without form and void. Then a day by day of the restoration of the earth. Concludes with the making of man and woman Throughout the book he relies on the Bible to support his view of creation.

What in the World Is God Doing

Because Israel had rejected their Messiah , God had set Israel aside and has
instituted the church to reach out to people of every tongue , tribe , and
mentioned in 2 : 9 - 11 ) , God spoke to them through the languages of the
Gentiles . This was ...

What in the World Is God Doing

Author: C. Gordon Olson

Publisher: Global Gospel Publishers

ISBN: 9780962485053

Page: 384

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Veteran missionary and missiologist C. Gordon Olson has distilled his knowledge and experience to produce an introductory text to missions that is marked by its balance between theory and practice.

Israel and the Covenants in New Testament Times

Herein is a strong clue about how God treats men of Israel who marry non-
Israelites (producing children with Israel DNA), if they do this knowing the law
they are punished (as were Mahlon and Chilion), but notif ignorant of the law and
/or their ...

Israel and the Covenants in New Testament Times

Author: Peter Williams

Publisher: Paragon Publishing


Page: 351

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A Bible student reference A New Testament prophecy of a falling away from truth into apostasy and lawlessness, in the final generation before Jesus Christ returns in glory, is being fulfilled now and is shortly to end. Yet Christianity has overwhelmingly moved so far from its first century roots that it could not even recognise this – or that Christ’s return is therefore now almost upon us! How and why this is the case is here explained thoroughly and logically with many examples directly from the word of God. In God’s saving plan for the world, everyone must in time make a free will choice to become part of the ‘Israel of God’ in order to access eternal life in the kingdom of God. The route to take is the “strait and narrow” way (Mat 7:13-14) that very few have so far found, and it involves the biblical new and old covenants which both apply to this Israel. Embark on this voyage only if you are willing to: be challenged about some basic Christian preconceptions, be a serious open-minded Bible student, and trust what the Bible teaches - but remember that time is short. “What the Bible has taught me I see as both vital and urgent for our eternal salvation; yet I know of no church or individual theologian who teaches what this book deals with in any substantive way” “Be prepared for major challenges to your understanding just as God has challenged me.” “In the epistles, Paul refers to two Israels whom he calls Israel after the flesh (I Cor 10:18) and the Israel of God (Gal 6:16); I focus mainly on the latter (but I also explain an unexpected but critically important connection between them)” “Dependent on the teaching, nearly all Christian denominations either teach nothing at all on it or almost the opposite of what Scripture repeatedly showed me. Looking back, I find this absolutely staggering!” “Very few [Christians] understand that the new covenant also only applies to Israel (as I will clearly show).” “I no longer believe that the NT [New Testament] can be fully understood without this extra Israel dimension” “Had I felt I could deliver this in a more light-hearted way I would have done so, but its implications are too awesome and fundamental to our eternal life prospects for that”

Creative Bible Lessons in Ezekiel

So even though Israel hasn't listened and hasn't responded to what God has
been saying, what is God planning to do in the passage we just read? Here in
this passage, we find God's grace at work before Israel even recognizes that she

Creative Bible Lessons in Ezekiel

Author: Anna Aven Howard

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310829844

Page: 144

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Most people avoid teaching from Ezekiel. Not only is it a book full of strange and (sometimes) disturbing imagery, but it also presents a vivid depiction of a God that won’t fit neatly into the categories we typically have in mind for him. It’s because of these reasons that Ezekiel is an important book to study. But don’t be afraid. Creative Bible Lessons in Ezekiel makes it a little easier to bring this bizarre and often confusing book to your students. Following the history of the bestselling Creative Bible Lessons series, this book introduces some new elements into your teaching. Because Ezekiel is so unfamiliar to many people, there is extensive background for leaders, including research from several commentaries and other books. There’s enough information there for you to understand the passage enough to be able to teach it confidently. In addition to the background, you’ll find a combination of illustrations, activities, movie clips, and song suggestions to help bring the passage to life. Each section ends with a journaling exercise for your students to make the passage personal. Since many adults steer clear of this imaginative book of the Bible, this resource will not only help you teach your students—you’ll learn something yourself! Help your students uncover this book, and lead them closer to the God of Ezekiel—the God who surprises us frequently and loves us completely.

Young Restless No Longer Reformed

154 So what do we see when we read Romans 9–11, as best we can, through
first-century eyes? What issues is Paul dealing with? The first thing we ... What is
God doing with Israel? Has he forsaken his first chosen people (Israel) for a new

Young  Restless  No Longer Reformed

Author: Austin Fischer

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630871168

Page: 130

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Does it really matter? Does it matter if we have free will? Does it matter if Calvinism is true? And does what you think about it matter? No and yes. No, it doesn't matter because God is who he is and does what he does regardless of what we think of him, just as the solar system keeps spinning around the sun even if we're convinced it spins around the earth. Our opinions about God will not change God, but they can change us. And so yes, it does matter because the conversations about free will and Calvinism confront us with perhaps the only question that really matters: who is God? This is a book about that question--a book about the Bible, black holes, love, sovereignty, hell, Romans 9, Jonathan Edwards, John Piper, C. S. Lewis, Karl Barth, and a little girl in a red coat. You've heard arguments, but here's a story--Austin Fischer's story, and his journey in and out of Calvinism on a trip to the center of the universe.

The Tapestry of Israel

... examples of how God literally judged nations and cities in the past, that are
recorded in Ezekiel as evidence of what God is going to do in the future to show
that the defeat of the confederation of armies massing against Israel is God's

The Tapestry of Israel

Author: Neil W. Taylor

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1481785559

Page: 360

View: 201

Israel is not just another nation. The history of Israel is not merely a collection of coincidences. God is not finished with the Jews. This tiny nation that is perpetually ensnared in conflict and persecution still holds a key place in God's purpose for mankind and has not been replaced by the Christian Church. The Tapestry of Israel explores a number of trends or “threads” that make up the history of this ancient nation. These threads prove Israel's modern relevance and demand a response to the Jews' increasing need for support as the pressure mounts to exchange the Holy Land for the illusion of peace. Christians will learn that the Jews are still God's chosen people, even today, and that heavenly intervention and miracles are common occurrences in modern-day Israel. Corrupt theology and deceptive theories are exposed! Discover how Satan seeks to rob Israel of her covenant with God and bring the destruction of Israel through anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Learn what the Christian Church's responsibility is in its support of Israel and what the supportive Christian should pray on behalf of Israel. Please Visit: www.thetapestryofisrael.com

Who is a true priest A word to the Israel of God

But if we take payment from man for doing God ' s work , and for being in the
simple path of duty , which seeking souls for ... and no more ; ( where there is the
heart to do it , there will be no lack of opportunity , the Lord will use those who
desire ...

Who is a true priest  A word to  the Israel of God

Author: Who



Page: 16

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Making God s Word Work

In cases where the individual Israelite's interests intersect with those of corporate
Israel , those of the latter take priority . Corporate Israel imposes on all Israelites
the requirement to obey the law : do what the Torah requires , refrain from doing ...

Making God s Word Work

Author: Jacob Neusner

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826415578

Page: 375

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The central theme of Making God s Word Work is that, throughout the rules and norms of the Mishnah, and beneath their surface, is a governing theological pattern which defines the detail relating to social conduct and brings to the fore a coherent system of analysis, thought, and argument.

Old Testament Theology Volume One Israel s Gospel

God Began 43 standings of the world's origins took for granted that the process
involved the activity of already-existent divine beings who ... The traditional less
polite response to the question “What was God doing before creating the world?

Old Testament Theology  Volume One  Israel s Gospel

Author: John Goldingay

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830825615

Page: 940

View: 311

Winner of a 2004 ECPA Gold Medallion Award!In this first volume of a proposed three-volume Old Testament theology, John Goldingay focuses on narrative. Examining the biblical order of God's creation of and interactions with the world and Israel, he tells the story of Israel's gospel as a series of divine acts:God BeganGod Started OverGod PromisedGod DeliveredGod SealedGod GaveGod AccommodatedGod WrestledGod PreservedGod SentGod ExaltedVolume two will focus on Israel's faith, or Old Testament theology as belief. It will explore the person and nature of God, the nature of the world and humanity, the character of sin and the significance of Israel.Volume three will focus on Israel's life, or Old Testament theology as ethos. It will explore its worship, spirituality, ideals and vision for living. This is an Old Testament theology like no other. Whether applying magnifying or wide-angle lenses, Goldingay is closely attentive to the First Testament's narrative, plot, motifs, tensions and subtleties. Brimming with insight and energy, and postmodern in its ethos, this book will repeatedly reward readers with fresh and challenging perspectives on God and God's ways with Israel and the world--as well as Israel's ways with God. Goldingay's Old Testament Theology is not only a scholarly contribution to the ongoing quest of understanding the theological dimensions of the First Testament. Preachers and teachers will prize it as a smart, informed and engaging companion as they read and re-present the First Testament story to postmodern pilgrims on the way. This is Old Testament theology that preaches.

Desirable God

Israel only becomes unique by fulfilling the Torah , in particular the Decalogue .
The ' doing of Israel fulfils the unique relationship with God . Only by means of the
response to the election does the election reach its full truth and force , just as ...

Desirable God

Author: Roger Burggraeve

Publisher: Peeters Publishers

ISBN: 9789042913165

Page: 274

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The human fascination with images, and the idolatry or idolization of images as the source of desire, passion and terror, is treated in this book. The first part enters more deeply into religious idolatry, past and present. It treats the biblical, the early-Jewish as well as the Christian views on monotheism and the prohibition against images, as source of authentic humanism or as source of intolerance and violence. In the second part, the focus shifts onto a number of contemporary, profane idols and gods: the nationalist fascination for one's own land and people, and the fear or hate towards foreigners; the rampant preoccupation with (genetic) health, in a context of body culture and aestheticization, of which the postmodern sport idols have become the great 'icons'; the current image- and screen-culture and all forms of audiovisual exorcisms; and last but not least the ongoing process of economization and globalization, with an expanding culture of 'branding' logos.


I felt it necessary to comment on the content of God's Vineyard, Israel, in
particular the chapters on the times we live in and ... The consequences on
people's lives are severe and in essence, all that has been done has to be
undone through ...


Author: Desiree Van Niekerk

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1481780174

Page: 272

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God’s Vineyard, Israel is a book about God’s relationship with Israel. It is an exposition of Israel’s spiritual condition, starting with God’s deliverance of Israel from slavery and His ongoing intervention in their lives up to their spiritual decline. According to 1 Corinthians 10:11, Israel serves as an example for instruction for those upon whom the end of the ages have come, i.e. those who live in the latter days. Israel’s turning to idolatry, false gods and syncretism (the fusion of holy with unholy) led to their falling away from God. The same falling away of the church is mentioned by Paul in the second book of Th essalonians which is indicative of the time toward the end of the age or the fulfillment of the times of the Gentiles. A clear pattern emerges from those who are delivered from the kingdom of darkness into salvation and then the yearning for their previous condition. After God delivered Israel from Egypt, the Israelites yearned for their past. Thereby, the repeated exhortation from Jesus Christ and others in the New Testament serve to explain the necessity to persevere unto the end. The similarity between ancient Israel and the modern church is noteworthy and one can only understand what is and will happen to the church through the example of Israel. This instruction is not only prophetic but serves as clear instruction and warning for modern believers. An analysis of idolatry and the consequences thereof explain the past, current and future probability of life as we know it. Contrary to world opinion of the causes and solutions to pollution, the Bible clearly states that it is the spiritual condition of mankind that determines the state of the earth. The Old Testament asserts that when Israel repented God often relented of the calamities He intended to send to them due to their idolatry. God’s Vineyard, Israel makes for interesting and relevant reading for all people and often provides God’s perspective rather than people’s opinions or speculations.

The Gospel of God s Anointed the Glory of Israel and the Light of Revelation for the Gentiles or the Glad Tidings of the service sacrifice and triumph of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ being a recent version of the Greek Scriptures commonly called the New Testament Translated by Alexander Greaves

Honour all nen : love the brotherhood : fear God : honour the King . ( 2. 11-17 . ) 2
. Seryants be subject to your ... But if when ye do well and suffer , ye take it
patiently , this is an acceptable thing with God . For to this have ye been called ...

The Gospel of God s Anointed the Glory of Israel and the Light of Revelation for the Gentiles  or  the Glad Tidings of the service  sacrifice  and triumph of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ     being a recent version     of the Greek Scriptures  commonly called the New Testament  Translated by Alexander Greaves




Page: 12

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The Sunday School Helper

He gave them hard work to do , to build high walls and strong cities . Method . -
Long before Jacob ' s death They had to make the brick for these , and work very
God had given him the new name Israel ( W . B . ) . hard in the hot sun . ( Tr .
show ...

The Sunday School Helper





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Israel s Original Sin

"What on earth is God doing in the Middle East?" Do Uncle Sam and his protoge
Israel justify divine providence in human history? Do victories in war and success
in business prove God's blessing, and do failures in finance and disasters in ...

Israel s Original Sin

Author: Richard J. Rolwing

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1401045251

Page: 312

View: 856

WAS THE GOD OF JOSHUA THE GOD OF JESUS? A relook at modern Israel´s roots in ancient Israel, salva- tion history, biblical inspiration, partial revelation, imperfect theology, and misguided leaders among Jews, Muslims, and Christians. It asks, considering Mohammed, Ben Gurion, and Harry Truman, if Joshua has not had as much influence on western civilization as Jesus. "What on earth is God doing in the Middle East?" Do Uncle Sam and his protoge Israel justify divine providence in human history? Do victories in war and success in business prove God´s blessing, and do failures in finance and disasters in health (Aids) manifest God´s displeasure? How does Christ´s cross (theology) fit into history (politics)? "This book is indeed thoughtful and creative. It highlightsthe need for all of us today to be much more self-critical; especially for us Christians to see how domination theology has been a part of our own approach." Fr. (Dr.) James Bacik, author of Apologetics and the Eclipse of Mystery.

Life Study of Jeremiah and Lamentations

the children of Israel were doing many evil things in violation of the Ten
Commandments. In particular, they sinned against God by worshipping the
golden calf. Throughout the centuries Israel continued to break the
commandments of the law ...

Life Study of Jeremiah and Lamentations

Author: Witness Lee

Publisher: Living Stream Ministry

ISBN: 0870836668

Page: 281

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