While America Aged

Cumulative retirement deficits are approaching $1 trillion, and Lowenstein warns that these are only the first.

While America Aged

Author: Roger Lowenstein

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440639401

Page: 288

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The retirement crisis facing America-and the road map for a way out-from The New York Times bestselling author of Origins of the Crash In the last several decades, corporations and local governments made ruinous pension and healthcare promises to American workers. With these now coming due, they threaten to destroy twenty-first- century America's hopes for a comfortable retirement. With his trademark narrative panache, bestselling author Roger Lowenstein analyzes three fascinating case studies-General Motors, the New York City subway system, and the city of San Diego-each an object lesson and a compelling historical saga that illuminates how the pension crisis developed. Cumulative retirement deficits are approaching $1 trillion, and Lowenstein warns that these are only the first. Retirement pensions will continue to be a critical issue as the country ages, and While America Aged is the urgent call to action and prescription for reform.

Lament for America

“The Impact of Medicare Part D on Prescription Drug Use by the Elderly ... While
America Aged: How Pension Debts Ruined General Motors, Stopped the NYC
Subways, Bankrupted San Diego, and Loom as the Next Financial Crisis.

Lament for America

Author: Earl H. Fry

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442603615

Page: 224

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Lament for America explores the major challenges to the status of the United States as a world superpower. In delving into the fundamental question of whether or not a relative decline is inevitable, the author recognizes that the changes faced over the next few decades will be more rapid and transformational than at any other period in American history. Lament for America offers concrete recommendations for renewal in areas such as defense policy, health care, education, and the environment, and serves as a useful guide to understanding how decisions will shape both the U.S. and global landscapes.

Culture Wars

Lowenstein, Roger. While America Aged: How Pension Debts Ruined General
Motors, Stopped the NYC Subways, Bankrupted San Diego, and Loom as the
Next Financial Crisis. New York: Penguin, 2008. Stein, Jason, and Patrick Marley.

Culture Wars

Author: Roger Chapman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317473515

Page: 1200

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The term "culture wars" refers to the political and sociological polarisation that has characterised American society the past several decades. This new edition provides an enlightening and comprehensive A-to-Z ready reference, now with supporting primary documents, on major topics of contemporary importance for students, teachers, and the general reader. It aims to promote understanding and clarification on pertinent topics that too often are not adequately explained or discussed in a balanced context. With approximately 640 entries plus more than 120 primary documents supporting both sides of key issues, this is a unique and defining work, indispensable to informed discussions of the most timely and critical issues facing America today.

Profiles of America s Elderly

The elderly population ( aged 65 or older ) grew by 22 percent during the 1980's .
One in eight Americans is 65 or older . That's over 31 million people . From 1980
to 1990 , America's population 85 years and over increased 38 percent ...

Profiles of America s Elderly




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A Pentecostal Political Theology for American Renewal

72 The fiscal gap is so large that it exceeds all current private wealth in the U.S.
Taxing the rich is not a solution; they simply ... For full account of the problem, see
Roger Lowenstein, While America Aged: How Pension Debts ruined General ...

A Pentecostal Political Theology for American Renewal

Author: Steven M. Studebaker

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137480165

Page: 292

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This book argues that Christians have a stake in the sustainability and success of core cultural values of the West in general and America in particular. Steven M. Studebaker considers Western and American decline from a theological and, specifically, Pentecostal perspective. The volume proposes and develops a Pentecostal political theology that can be used to address and reframe Christian political identity in the United States. Studebaker asserts that American Christians are currently not properly engaged in preventing America’s decline or halting the shifts in its core values. The problem, he suggests, is that American Christianity not only gives little thought to the state of the nation beyond a handful of moral issues like abortion, but its popular political theologies lead Christians to think of themselves more as aliens than as citizens. This book posits that the proposed Pentecostal political theology would help American Christians view themselves as citizens and better recognize their stake in the renewal of their nation. The foundation of this proposed political theology is a pneumatological narrative of renewal—a biblical narrative of the Spirit that begins with creation, proceeds through Incarnation and Pentecost, and culminates in the new creation and everlasting kingdom of God. This narrative provides the foundation for a political theology that speaks to the issues of Christian political identity and encourages Christian political participation.

While America Sleeps

Kim Il Sung, the aged dictator who had ruled Korea for more than forty years, had
objected to inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
required by the NPT on the grounds that his country was threatened by the
presence of ...

While America Sleeps

Author: Donald Kagan

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1466882549

Page: 480

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In While England Slept Winston Churchill revealed in 1938 how the inadequacy of Britain's military forces to cope with worldwide responsibilities in a peaceful but tense era crippled its ability to deter or even adequately prepare for World War II. In While America Sleeps, historians Donald and Frederick Kagan retrace Britain's international and defense policies during the years after World War I leading up to World War II, showing in persuasive detail how self-delusion and an unwillingness to face the inescapable responsibilities on which their security and the peace of the world depended cost the British dearly. The Kagans then turn their attention to America and argue that our nation finds itself in a position similar to that of Britain in the 1920s. For all its emergency interventions the U.S. has not yet accepted its unique responsibility to take the lead in preserving the peace. Years of military cutbacks-the "peace dividend" following the buildup and triumph over Communism of the Reagan years-have weakened our armed forces and left us with too few armed forces to cover too many possible threats. This has caused us to bank everything on high tech "smart" weapons - some of which have not yet been invented and others that we are not acquiring or deploying - as opposed to the long-term commitment of money, fighting men and women, and planning that the deterrence of a major war would require. This failure to shape a policy and to commit the resources needed to maintain peace has cost valuable time in shaping a peaceful world and has placed America's long-term security in danger. The policies of the Bush and Clinton administrations have left us in a position where we cannot avoid war and keep the peace in areas vital to our security. Neither have the post-Cold War policies sent clear signals to would-be aggressors that the U.S. can and will resist them. Tensions in the Middle East, instability in eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, the nuclear confrontation between India and Pakistan, the development of nuclear weapons and missiles by North Korea, and the menacing threats and actions of China, with its immense population, resentful sense of grievance and years of military buildup, all hint that the current peaceful era will not last forever. Can we make it last as long as possible? Are we prepared to face its collapse? While America Sleeps is a sobering, fascinating work of history that poses a thoughtful challenge to policy-makers and will interest military buffs as well as readers interested in history and international relations.

Improving Data on America s Aging Population

The economic disparities seen within the U.S. older population are even more
striking when compared with other industrialized nations. Elderly couples in the
United States have the highest income and wealth in the OECD (Organization for

Improving Data on America s Aging Population

Author: National Research Council

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 0309056330

Page: 64

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The Committee on National Statistics and the Committee on Population, at the request of the NIA, convened a workshop in March 1996 to discuss data on the aging population that address the emerging and important social, economic, and health conditions of the older population. The purposes of the workshop were to identify how the population at older ages in the next few decades will differ from the older population today, to understand the underlying causes of those changes, to anticipate future problems and policy issues, and to suggest future needs for data for research in these areas. The scope of the workshop was broader than that of the 1988 CNSTAT report, including not only data on health and long-term care, but also actuarial, economic, demographic, housing, and epidemiological data needs for informing public policy.


Pension Debts Ruined General Motors , Stopped ... During the stadium tour , I
envisioned the biggest offenders were nearsighted emi myself as part of the
action that ...






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Justice Between Generations

The Growing Power of the Elderly in America Matthew C. Price. Power Times ...
While programs for children in poverty are cut , few politicians dare to discuss the
possibility of reducing entitlement benefits for retired millionaires . Roosevelt was

Justice Between Generations

Author: Matthew C. Price

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275960124

Page: 174

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Shows how the elderly have used their growing political power to capture a disproportionate share of public resources and asks what one generation owes another.

Reichel s Care of the Elderly

The U.S. population has been aging for more than a century , though the pace
has accelerated over the past 20 to 30 years . ... the relative share of elderly
persons in the U.S. population , though the baby boom slowed this trend for a
while .

Reichel s Care of the Elderly

Author: Joseph J. Gallo

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780683301694

Page: 856

View: 170

Geared specifically for the family practitioner, this text provides clinical approaches to the whole geriatric patient. Topics covered in this fifth edition include behavioural disturbances in dementia, driving and the older adult, and clinical practice guidelines in the elderly.

Growth of America s Oldest old Population

Nevertheless , the 3 in 10 Americans will Profiles of America's Elderly . ... While
such growth rates are high , people 85 years and older were just Source : U.S.
Bureau of the Census , 1990 Census of Population and Housing , Series CPH - L

Growth of America s Oldest old Population




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Population Ageing in India

In 2050, 82 per cent of the world's elderly will be in the developing regions of
Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, while only 16 per cent of them will
reside in the developed regions of Europe and North America. Population ageing
is ...

Population Ageing in India

Author: G. Giridhar

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316143872


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A major emerging demographic issue of the twenty-first century is the ageing of populations as an inevitable consequence of the demographic transition experienced by most countries. While all countries are experiencing growing proportions of the elderly, developing countries are currently ageing faster than developed countries. Population Ageing in India creates a holistic research base by looking at the demographics of the ageing population and reviewing existing studies. It delves deep into the socioeconomic layers of elderly health, work participation and contribution to income generation, national policy in practice and policy initiatives to ensure elderly wellbeing in other Asian countries. The shift of age composition to an older age structure has important implications for individuals, society as well as the country. Therefore, there is a need to promote harmony between development and demographic change by increasing the economic and social sources of support for the elderly.

Health Care Politics and Policy in America

Thus, during the 1950s and the 1960s policymakers followed the same approach
. The 1950 amendments to the Social ... During the late 1950s, the debate
focused on the problem of hospital costs faced by the aged. The cost of hospital
care ...

Health Care Politics and Policy in America

Author: Kant Patel

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 9780765603906

Page: 452

View: 312

Fully updated in this new edition, Health Care Politics and Policy in America combines a historical overview of U.S. health policy and programs with analysis of current trends and reform efforts. The book -- shows how health policy fits into the larger social, economic, political, and ideological environment of the United States; -- identifies the roles played by both public and private, institutional and individual actors in shaping the health care system at all levels; -- considers the trade-offs inherent in various policy choices and their impacts on different social groups; -- takes account of the dynamic impact of technological change on health care capacities, costs, and ethics. This edition includes expanded discussion of equity issues and whether there is a "right" to health care, and a new chapter on the issue of medical liability. The concluding chapter brings the story of health care policy up to the end of the millennium, with particular attention to the managed care revolution and reaction to it. The book equips readers with the basic tools for drawing more informed judgments in the ongoing debate about health care policy in the United States.

Erstarrtes Denken

... in some respects even more so than America ; and while Europe modernized
rapidly after World War II , America aged , grew older and wiser through
experiences such as the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War . But like
myths with ...

Erstarrtes Denken

Author: Günther Blaicher

Publisher: Gunter Narr Verlag

ISBN: 9783878083269

Page: 372

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Income Security in America

inequality within the aged population is still greater , it has declined dramatically
over the past 20 years , while income inequality has increased to a nearly
commensurate degree among the nonaged . 25 Table 6 documents the changes

Income Security in America

Author: John Logan Palmer

Publisher: The Urban Insitute

ISBN: 9780877664185

Page: 40

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After progress towards achieving major income security goals during the 1960s and 1970s, economic slowdown and public reaction against "the welfare state" have curtailed direct intervention by the federal government for these purposes. Absolute poverty and welfare dependency have increased in the 1980s, especially among the young. Major gaps also remain in affordable housing and health insurance coverage among the lower middle class, and there is a growing need for long-term care among the aged. A resurgence of economic growth is needed to facilitate political consensus for income security policies to improve these conditions. Data are presented on nine tables and figures. Footnotes are included. (Author/BJV)

From Here to Security How Workplace Savings Can Keep America s Promise

Alliance Bernstein. Lowenstein, Roger, 2008. While America Aged: How Pension
Debts Ruined General Motors, Stopped the NYSubways, Bankrupted San Diego
and Loom as the Next Financial Crisis. New 234 FULL BIBLIOGRAPHY.

From Here to Security  How Workplace Savings Can Keep America s Promise

Author: Robert L. Reynolds

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 1260116085

Page: 272

View: 792

The practical, nonpartisan guide to making our retirement savings systems work for America’s people, our economy, and the nation at large At a time of fierce political divisiveness, From Here to Security is a refreshingly balanced, non-ideological guide to solving what may be our nation’s most pressing policy challenge: achieving retirement security for all. A pioneer of the 401(k) system, Robert L. Reynolds eschews radical calls for throwing out the 401(k) entirely and creating a new government-run savings system. Our best course, he shows, is to build on what we have: a flexible, dynamic private-public system of Social Security and more robust workplace savings. From Here to Security provides a clear, powerful new approach to solving America’s retirement challenge – based on facts, data, and Reynolds’ decades of experience. While fear-mongers claim that the U.S. retirement system is on the verge of collapse; Reynolds shows why our system is actually the envy of the world. But From Here to Security is no status quo book. Reynolds lays out an action agenda to dramatically improve our retirement systems – public and private – lift our savings rate, improve people’s retirement prospects, spur faster growth – and reboot America’s national morale.

Ducks Geese and Swans of North America

At Dutch Harbor on Unalaska Island in the eastern Aleutians, radiomarked
Steller's Eiders for- aged at night and during low tides, although their foraging
effort was relatively minor (2.7 hr/day) at this site (Reed and Flint 2007). This
minimal for- ...

Ducks  Geese  and Swans of North America

Author: Guy Baldassarre

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421408082

Page: 1088

View: 973

Ducks, Geese, and Swans of North America has been hailed as a classic since the first edition was published in 1942. A must-have for professional biologists, birders, waterfowl hunters, decoy collectors, and wildlife managers, this fully revised and updated edition provides definitive information on the continent's forty-six species. Maps of both winter and breeding ranges are presented with stunning images by top waterfowl photographers and the acclaimed original artwork of Robert W. (Bob) Hines. Originally authored by F. H. Kortright and later revised by Frank Bellrose, this latest edition, which has been meticulously updated by renowned waterfowl biologist Guy Baldassarre, continues the legacy of esteemed authors. Each species account contains in-depth sections on: • identification • distribution • migration behavior • habitat • population status • breeding biology • rearing of young • recruitment and survival • food habits and feeding ecology • molts and plumages • conservation and management To facilitate identification, the species accounts also include detailed illustrations of wings. An appendix contains comparative illustrations of ducklings, goslings, and cygnets. This edition of Ducks, Geese, and Swans consists of two volumes, printed in full color, and packaged in a slipcase, along with a CD containing references and additional maps.

Best Care at Lower Cost

The Path to Continuously Learning Health Care in America Institute of Medicine,
Committee on the Learning Health ... of higher learning was obtained from U.S.
Department of Education statistics, while the number of young adults aged 18 to ...

Best Care at Lower Cost

Author: Institute of Medicine

Publisher: National Academies Press

ISBN: 0309260736

Page: 436

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America's health care system has become too complex and costly to continue business as usual. Best Care at Lower Cost explains that inefficiencies, an overwhelming amount of data, and other economic and quality barriers hinder progress in improving health and threaten the nation's economic stability and global competitiveness. According to this report, the knowledge and tools exist to put the health system on the right course to achieve continuous improvement and better quality care at a lower cost. The costs of the system's current inefficiency underscore the urgent need for a systemwide transformation. About 30 percent of health spending in 2009--roughly $750 billion--was wasted on unnecessary services, excessive administrative costs, fraud, and other problems. Moreover, inefficiencies cause needless suffering. By one estimate, roughly 75,000 deaths might have been averted in 2005 if every state had delivered care at the quality level of the best performing state. This report states that the way health care providers currently train, practice, and learn new information cannot keep pace with the flood of research discoveries and technological advances. About 75 million Americans have more than one chronic condition, requiring coordination among multiple specialists and therapies, which can increase the potential for miscommunication, misdiagnosis, potentially conflicting interventions, and dangerous drug interactions. Best Care at Lower Cost emphasizes that a better use of data is a critical element of a continuously improving health system, such as mobile technologies and electronic health records that offer significant potential to capture and share health data better. In order for this to occur, the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, IT developers, and standard-setting organizations should ensure that these systems are robust and interoperable. Clinicians and care organizations should fully adopt these technologies, and patients should be encouraged to use tools, such as personal health information portals, to actively engage in their care. This book is a call to action that will guide health care providers; administrators; caregivers; policy makers; health professionals; federal, state, and local government agencies; private and public health organizations; and educational institutions.

Other Cultures Elder Years

Aged Americans had to wait until the Social Security legislation of 1935 for any
form of government-sponsored plan of old age assistance. While programs for
the elderly in America lag far behind those in other European countries, today ...

Other Cultures  Elder Years

Author: Ellen Rhoads Holmes

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1452264988

Page: 336

View: 792

This fully revised Second Edition of Other Cultures, Elder Years is not only the textbook on the anthropology of aging, but also the most comprehensive, comparative study available on worldwide patterns of ageing. `Provides an excellent summary of secondary sources, avoiding extensive review of primary research, complicated theory, and methodological issues' - Clinical Gerontologist