Pastor Shoemaker's parents both died in a devastating train crash when they
were on their way to visit him at the Bible ... Pastor Shoemaker then responded, "
For a very long time I have been extremely attracted to you and if I wasn't married
I'd ...


Author: Keith Brooks

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1602667004

Page: 196

View: 110

A Superhero for God

One small action really can lead to giant steps for good. Based on the true account of a little boys embarrassing blunder, this inspirational story for all ages is a gentle reminder of Gods love, forgiveness, and mission for all of us.

A Superhero for God

Author: Rosemary Broadway

Publisher: ArchwayPublishing

ISBN: 1480801852


View: 475

Many little boys yearn to be superheroes with powers that let them fight what is bad and work for what is good. One ordinary Sunday morning, one little boy is turned into a superhero for God—right before his grandmama’s eyes! During a children’s sermon in church, the little boy responds to a question the pastor asks about the way she is dressed by blurting out, “You aren’t wearing your feet!” Even as the little boy secretly wishes he could take back his words, the pastor is already thinking about all the times she has not worn her feet when she should have. She uses his words to create a powerful, important message to be sent to many people. Though he is unaware of it, the little boy is transformed into a superhero. One small action really can lead to giant steps for good. Based on the true account of a little boy’s embarrassing blunder, this inspirational story for all ages is a gentle reminder of God’s love, forgiveness, and mission for all of us.

Superhero Syndrome

I needed to get away. I'm sorry I didn't tell anyone.” Eric sighed. “I had to go.” “
You scared us, Mother Webb. We really thought something happened to you. I
should call Pastor Arnold and let him know you're okay.” Eric didn't even know
who ...

Superhero Syndrome

Author: Paul Bailey

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493107003

Page: 222

View: 184

'Superhero Syndrome' is a heroic romantic horror that is centered in Freeport, New York. A village on the south shore of Long Island. Robert Smith, a 27 year old man who works behind the customer service counter of a local grocery store 'Cheep prices' is immensely depressed of his life. Although he passionately hates his job, after 8 years he still could not find the motivation to get up, search for better opportunity, and leave. He was trapped, and he knew that he only had himself to blame. As a result it was a direct link to his failing love life, or more appropriate non existent. Robert's life changes when he meets Destiny Williams, a middle aged beautiful customer who unexpectedly shows interest in him beyond a friendship. Initially everything about her is perfect as he gets the privilege to know her more as a person. Finally a girlfriend in his life after over a year layoff. She was too good to be true until...the day they shared the ultimate moment of intimacy with each other. Instantly he became very ill, near to death. It took him a few days to recover, but when he did he realized that it was not just a simple recovery, it was much more. All of a sudden he now possessed a series of mysterious supernatural abilities that leads him to a new friend that becomes his biggest inspiration, and also him learning that Destiny is not a ordinary woman. While experimenting, and using his abilities for his own entertainment, Robert quickly learns that his gifts are not only for play when his youngest brother Carter is endangered, followed by a string of unfortunate events that ultimately hits the White House. Not only must he protect his family, but he also takes it upon himself to save America from an immoral Eric Webb aka Jinteen, the former defamed governor of New York State, who uses his empire of followers, 'Eye for an eye' to overthrow the United States government. Exploring Destiny's dark past Robert learns that he's part of an intricate love triangle, and it's up to him to determine the fate. In his journey to prevent 'Eye for an eye' from spreading across the globe Robert learns the hard way that "you can't be a superhero to others until you become a superhero to yourself'."

Brain O Man

'You people should practice what you preach. Slothfulness preacher ... You do
not greet your pastor by calling him a sloth sir.' 'You're not a ... The accused
preacher stopped in his tracks and turned to the grinning superhero. He held his
sneer ...

Brain O Man

Author: Christopher Lee


ISBN: 1329857909


View: 633

I Superhero

We Wear Tights So You Won't Have To Mike McMullen. “Hmmm...skateboard,”
the old ... “I don't know when it got on there, but I think it was when the Mexican
boys was in town a year or so ago,” the pastor says. I cringe a little at the
comment, ...

I  Superhero

Author: Mike McMullen

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

ISBN: 0806534354

Page: 336

View: 878

Evildoers, Take Heed! Justice has a new face, and it wears a mask. Who are we talking about? Ordinary folk like Mike McMullen, a.k.a. The Amazing Whitebread, who become something entirely new and occasionally borderline pathological: Real-Life Superheroes (RLSHs). "Being a singing superheroine is a way for me to not only pay the bills, it also helps me give the baddies such a headache." --Danger Woman Complete with costumes and all the gadgetry they can afford from selling old copies of Action Comics on eBay, RLSHs dish out their own brand of justice--while criminals go about their business and law enforcers roll their eyes. "Me and Shadowhare were walking past a bank and we stopped to make a phone call. As soon as we started walking away, the police came up and said, 'Do you know why we stopped you? Because you guys are wearing masks standing in front of a bank.'" --Mr. Xtreme McMullen spans the country, coach class, seeking to develop his own RLSH identity and address such weighty issues as: Sidekicks: Faithful wards or CPS bait? Bad Guys: Where the hell are they all hiding? Super-tights: How snug is too snug? So don your mask, suck in your gut, and join us. "Hey, you're with a superhero. . .what could go wrong?" --Geist, the Emerald Cowboy Michael McMullen, a.k.a. The Amazing Whitebread, was born in Wichita Falls, Texas. He earned an undergraduate degree in history and philosophy, and subsequently took the only employment option open to someone with the resultant lack of marketable skills: government service. He's worked as an intelligence analyst for the U.S. Department of Justice for just over a decade and currently lives in Arlington, Texas, with his wife, Lauren, and their children, Grant and Gracie. His hobbies include aspiring to get some woodworking done, thinking about learning a musical instrument, and trying to get interested in any computer game other than Text Twist. He has had short pieces published in various science fiction/fantasy magazines and currently holds the record for "Worst-Kept Secret Identity."

The New Pastor s Handbook

My fellow pastors, I hate to tell you this, but you are not a superhero. You are an
ordinary person with an extraordinary ... They went out two by two and “
proclaimed that people should repent” (v. 12); “they cast out many demons and
anointed ...

The New Pastor s Handbook

Author: Jason Helopoulos

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1493400363

Page: 208

View: 702

Most seminary graduates will begin their ministries with plenty of important head knowledge to share--but with a deficit of some of the most practical aspects of doing ministry, such as - which ministry role most suits them - how to start out strong at a new church - persevering during difficult seasons of ministry - leading meetings and delegating tasks - safeguarding their family - fighting discouragement, pastor envy, and a lack of contentment - navigating special ministry needs, such as hospitals, weddings, and funerals - and much more Through his hard-won wisdom, Jason Helopoulos comes alongside new pastors as a trusted friend and mentor, ready to guide them through their first years of ministry with intelligence and compassion.

The Cause within You

“Hey, you've got a boy bear. You didn't want to make a special princess bear?
What kind of bear are you making?” She looked up at me and said, “I'm making a
Pastor Matthew Superhero Bear.” I started tearing up, right in front of her, and told

The Cause within You

Author: Matthew Barnett

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 1414352352

Page: 240

View: 561

You were created for something amazing—and it’s time to discover what it is! Matthew Barnett, son of a well-known megachurch pastor, discovered his own cause in life when he relinquished his dream of building a big, successful church like his father’s and began listening for God’s dream for his life instead. Sensing that God was calling him to serve the poor and powerless of Los Angeles, Matthew founded the Dream Center, a beacon of hope for homeless families, drug addicts, abused women and children, victims of human trafficking, teen runaways, gang members, and many others whose lives were filled with brokenness. If you are hungry for a life full of passion instead of apathy; if you are ready to use your specific gifts and abilities to make a mark on the world; if you need to be reminded that God loves you and has a plan for your life—The Cause within You is the book that can change everything. Through his own story and the stories of others whose lives have been transformed, Matthew Barnett will lead you to the cause of your lifetime.

The Superman Syndrome

Chad Mitchell shows how we need to take off the ministerial masks and allow others to see grace at work in our own lives through our weaknesses, our wounds, and our worship, a testimony of leadership through grace."-- back cover.

The Superman Syndrome

Author: Chad Mitchell


ISBN: 9781581693317

Page: 192

View: 670

Are you trapped in a superhero ministry mentality? As pastors and Christian leaders, we are not called to lead because we have superhuman powers. We are called because we have been saved by the same grace we teach. We have endured trials, temptations, and triumphs just like everyone else. We love, serve, and lead best when we are real. In "The Superman Syndrome," Chad Mitchell shows how we need to take off the ministerial masks and allow others to see grace at work in our own lives through our weaknesses, our wounds, and our worship-a testimony of leadership through grace. "Chad Mitchell is a real person. His commitment to the poor and homeless, the outcast, and the broken is his strongest gift, and it comes through clearly in this book. If you are called to minister to real people, in real life, you need to read this book." -Dr. Thomas V. Copeland, Associate Professor of Psychology & Director of Honors Program, Hardin Simmons University ""The Superman Syndrome" reveals that latent characteristic within all of us-to be first. Mitchell has exposed this fallacy and recovered a vintage truth-wholeness is discovered within each of us as we earnestly pursue the divine heart." -Dr. Kelvin J. Kelley, President and Founder, F.A.C.E.S. Ministries, Inc. ""The Superman Syndrome" addresses issues that are relevant, convicting, and inspiring to any leader that serves in the body of Christ. This is a great read for any pastor, staff member, or lay leader." -Bishop Rob Nichols, Th.D, Sr. Pastor, Church on the Rock, Abilene, Texas CHAD MITCHELL is a gifted communicator who passionately speaks from the Word of God. He serves as lead pastor of Mission Abilene, a church that focuses on loving the underdogs and outcasts of society. Chad has a B.B.S. in Psychology and a M.Ed. in Counseling and Human Development from Hardin Simmons University. He lives with his wife, Ashley, and daughter, Alexis, in Abilene, TX.

Who Needs a Superhero

Examines the Gospel and our need for a Savior by drawing on the traits and trials of a popular superhero in each chapter.

Who Needs a Superhero

Author: H. Michael Brewer


ISBN: 9780801065101

Page: 222

View: 862

Helping readers to better understand God and to find savior qualities in comic book superheroes, Brewer examines 14 stories of popular characters, addressing such topics as the Christianity of Superman. Includes art, trivia, and anecdotes.

Superheroes Can t Save You Study Guide

Have you ever wondered what makes Jesus different from your favorite superhero?

Superheroes Can t Save You  Study Guide

Author: Jared Musgrove

Publisher: B&H Academic

ISBN: 9781535955591

Page: 56

View: 967

Have you ever wondered what makes Jesus different from your favorite superhero? Have you questioned how Jesus could really be all that the Bible says he is? This seven-week study, used in conjunction with Todd Miles' Superheroes Can't Save You, will challenge you to keep asking these questions, and point you to answers that are grounded in the Bible's unchanging truth.

There s Something I Think You Should Know

A Youth Pastor's Last Words to His Students Jon Morrison. Cam also keeps me
humble. One night ... I had a defining moment come one afternoon while
watching the epic superhero sequel, Spiderman 295. It came in the scene just
after Peter ...

There s Something I Think You Should Know

Author: Jon Morrison

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1438974566

Page: 236

View: 391

What are you going to do after high school? What is the purpose of my existence on earth? How come people never achieve their dreams? Does God have anything to say about my life? There are so many questions that a young graduate must answer. They could use a little help figuring it out.

Average Joe

As a young man, I served for fourteen years as both a volunteer and salaried staff
member at a large church in central Oregon. ... And while] loved sharing in the
lives of kids and shouldering the ministry with the paid staff, I always longed to be
on staff, to be one of the pastoral team. ... Qn October 1, I hung up the clothes of
an average ]oe and donned my superhero cape as jzmior /Jzgglryozrtlr pastor of

Average Joe

Author: Troy Meeder

Publisher: Multnomah

ISBN: 160142308X

Page: 192

View: 150

“What is happening to my life?” Have you ever honestly asked yourself that question? As young boys, we dreamed of being pilots, firefighters, doctors, and cowboys. Now we’re older, with a wonderful wife and kids, as well as a mortgage, a minivan, and a fulfilling but not-so-glamorous job. What happened? All the dreams that once inspired us have evaporated into traffic jams, computer screens, bills, and deadlines. Why is life so ordinary? If you think your life is nothing special, take a look at it through God’s eyes. The revealing truth is that God chooses “ordinary,” faithful men to do His most important work—regular guys like Peter the fisherman, David the shepherd, Stephen the waiter, Gideon the farmer, Paul the tentmaker, and even Jesus the carpenter. In this engaging book, Troy Meeder blends stories about biblical characters and contemporary men to show that an “average-Joe” life, an “ordinary” existence, shapes a man’s integrity, moral stability, resolve, and strength. The world desperately needs an army of “average Joes.” Like you. “Troy Meeder’s heart-felt accounts from both his own personal experience and those of friends and family touch a raw nerve in your soul…. Average Joe reminds us that living a life focused on faith, family, and friends is what makes a man exceptional.” —Rick Wiggers, average Joe and account manager Includes a study guide for use by men’s groups. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Last Superhero

The Wagners are a superhero family dynasty who have always protected the city of Coreopolis.

The Last Superhero

Author: Stephen Altrogge


ISBN: 9781479258413

Page: 166

View: 893

The Wagners are a superhero family dynasty who have always protected the city of Coreopolis. The grandpa, John Utticus Wagner, is revered in the superhero community. He's consistently invited to speak at superhero symposiums, has dined with the President, and has a sterling reputation as a model superhero. Every young superhero wants to be like John Utticus Wagner. Unfortunately, John's son, Orville Wagner, is not the man his father is. He's a terrible klutz who always manages to create disasters, like derailing subway trains and accidentally injuring innocent bystanders. Orville is mocked in the superhero community, and the family's once sterling reputation is tarnished. They no longer are seen as the protectors of Coreopolis. They are the laughingstock of the city. When a new super villian starts terrorizing Coreopolis, it's up to John, Orville, and Orville's son, John II, to stop the villain and restore the family's honor. The question is, can an old man, a klutz, and boy stop a maniacal super villain?

Heroes in the Night

If the home setting is more relaxed, they might have a corner of a room or a den
set up as a lowrent superhero HQ, ... book counterparts—they seek advice from
people they've shared their secret with: martial arts instructors, pastors, reporters,

Heroes in the Night

Author: Tea Krulos

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 1613747780

Page: 288

View: 404

On a frigid March night, journalist Tea Krulos shivered in a Milwaukee park, waiting for a masked crimefighter. Finally the Watchman arrived, not in a Batmobile or swinging from a web shooter, but driving a tan, four-door Pontiac. He was in costume, of course—a trenchcoat, motorcycle gloves, army boots, a domino mask, and a red hooded sweatshirt emblazoned with a “W” logo. The two had spoken before on the phone, but never face-to-mask. By the end of the interview, Krulos wasn’t sure if the Watchman was delightfully eccentric or completely crazy. But he was going to find out. Heroes in the Night traces Krulos’s journey into the strange subculture of Real Life Superheroes, random citizens who have adopted comic-book style personas and hit the streets to fight injustice—helping the homeless, gathering donations for food banks, or patroling their neighborhoods looking for crime to fight. By day, these modern Clark Kents work as dishwashers, pencil pushers, and executives in Fortune 500 companies. But by night, only the Shadow knows. Well, the Shadow and Tea Krulos. Through historic research, extensive interviews, and many long hours walking on patrol in Brooklyn and Seattle, San Diego and Minneapolis, Krulos discovered what being a RLSH is all about. Heroes in the Night profiles dozens of RLSHs and shares not only their shining, triumphant moments, but some of their ill-advised, terrifying disasters as well. Tea Krulos is a freelance journalist and creator of the blog “Heroes in the Night.” He lives in Arcadia, Florida.

The Keeper

I thought we had something, a connection of sorts,” Ripper Rose said. “Forget it,
Molly, we ... Well, I guess I have no choice but to tear you to pieces.” The Keeper
... I finally figured out my superhero identity.” “The Preacher, hey, I like it.” “Wow!

The Keeper

Author: Daniel Paul

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469117622

Page: 131

View: 609

The Keeper is a fast moving superhero adventure for mature readers. When pretty but promiscuous Molly Rose is dismembered and left for dead by her jealous husband, she is found by wealthy recluse William Chadwick III, who takes her to a secret lab in the Chadwick Institute of Robotic Technology. There Doctor Crystal, the head technician who happenes to be a former Medical Surgeon, has her missing limbs replaced with robotic ones. William Chadwick and Doctor Crystal soon discover that they have created a monster. Ripper Rose is determined to seek revenge against her husband and everyone else in Jacksonville. After attacking her husband, she is taken to prison but escapes during a transport. She attacks Correctional Officer Michael Finn, dismembering his arm and leg. Officer Finn also ends up at the Chadwick Institute of Robotic Technology (CIRT) where he too has his limbs replaced and becomes a cyborg. Now, secretly as The Keeper, he will fight crime and attempt to capture Ripper Rose- unless she kills him first. The Keeper will need the assistance of his partner, Gideon Snipes, and a new ally: The Preacher. Detective Barlow, haunted by a violent past case, is also hot on the trail of Ripper Rose. If he solves this case, will he find redemption for his failure to solve the "Rockwell Killer Case"? And will his passion to catch Ripper Rose lead to exposing the secret identity of The Keeper? The Keeper is an exciting novel filled with many twists and turns. It is an adventure that will keep you glued to the pages, from the first chapter to the exhilarating conclusion.

In Search of Death

You see, the love that we have is distasteful to them, and they can't be too close
to it, because it hurts them to do so. Have you ... PastorJacob nodded. “Yes, you
... I always thought he would be a great superhero ifhe possessed superpowers.

In Search of Death

Author: Craig R. E. Krohn

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491738405

Page: 252

View: 759

It is 1900, and Erich Kunze has been assigned to write a newspaper story about an old man in prison who claims to have traveled through time, guided by angels and helped by the holy sword of the archangel Michael, to forever change his own destiny. Beginning with his birth nearly thirty years in the future, the old man takes Erich through his memories as he reveals how, as a teenager, his life was changed when his older brother returned from World War II and claimed to have seen the Angel of Death on the battlefield. The old man details how he made it his mission to pursue the Angel of Death, ultimately following in his brothers footsteps. When he meets an angel he is granted a chance to change his worldthe fate of his family hangs in the balance.

America Needs a Superhero

You will want to give a copy of this book to your children, grandchildren, and local school teacher, as well as your legislator. Most importantly, your pastor and church friends will need this book as it is a call to action.

America Needs a Superhero

Author: Rosie Avila


ISBN: 9780692613054

Page: 368

View: 411

Republicans do not understand the problems and Democrats do not understand the solutions. Is it any wonder that America is in crisis? The good news is that we can quickly restore America. This book provides the winning plan. America Needs A Superhero is a fun, quick read, full of inspiring stories from Rosie's experience as an elected school board member, candidate for Congress and her work in the inner city. You will want to give a copy of this book to your children, grandchildren, and local school teacher, as well as your legislator. Most importantly, your pastor and church friends will need this book as it is a call to action. We all need to find out what happened to America and what we need to do in this critical hour!

The Invincible God

Hero. M. any people, young and old, are searching for someone to look up to,
believe in, and trust. There is nothing wrong with ... role model to help inspire you
, like a child choosing his or her favorite superhero, the hero that can do the
impossible and the incredible. ... We all have our weaknesses and strengths as
humans; this is nothing new to the Creator. ... They include presidents, governors,
mayors, senators, pastors, counselors, parents, teachers, mentors, brothers,
sisters, aunts, ...

The Invincible God

Author: Rebekah Powell


ISBN: 061595636X

Page: 94

View: 339

This book details the beauty of the simplicity for developing a closer and deeper relationship with God. The Invincible God will empower you as to who God is and who you were created to be regardless of your past or present situation. This book gives you the reality of how special it is to have a personal relationship with the true living God that can see, hear, speak, defend, heal, deliver, and have a sense of humor. The Invincible God will reveal how the living God will deliver and defend all who will reach out to Him and trust in Him. The Invincible God is unconquerable and undefeatable, but are you ready to believe and trust in Him? The purpose of this book is to express the heart and mind of God. He desires for all to know Him as the invincible God that He is. He searches for those who will believe in Him, trust in Him and worship Him. He takes pleasure in our faith in Him. To have faith in God means we have confidence in Him to be who He say He is.

Daily Readings from It s Your Time

You need to learn to keep your hands to yourself. ... I don't know if you've ever
seen the Incredible Hulk, but mild-mannered Pastor Joel had a little of the Hulk
going on that ... Then, all of a sudden I underwent this superhero transformation.

Daily Readings from It s Your Time

Author: Joel Osteen

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1471102998

Page: 288

View: 202

With this devotional, Joel offers 90 days of thought-provoking messages, words of encouragement and valuable scripture that emphasize the lessons of It's Your Time. This specially selected collection of biblical passages illuminates different points of Joel's messages and is designed to inspire you to seize all of the opportunities that God can provide. Joel draws upon personal anecdotes to illustrate the passages of scripture, and illustrates how he and others have used found ways to take control of their lives and deepen their relationship with God. As you incorporate Joel's easy-to-grasp concepts into your life, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more God has in store for you and how quickly you become able to seize your moment!