Magento 2 Cookbook

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Magento 2 Cookbook

Author: Ray Bogman

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1785883402

Page: 342

View: 536

Over 50 practical recipes that will help you realize the full potential of Magento in order to build a professional online store About This Book Take advantage of the latest features in Magento 2 to set up an e-commerce store that fits your business needs Packed with several advanced recipes, not just to manage your online store, but to extend and design it as well Written in a cookbook style, you can pick and choose your recipe to carry out your day- to- day Magento store tasks Who This Book Is For The book is for existing Magento users who want to gain further expertise and insights into managing, designing, and extending their online store in Magento to fit their business needs. Working knowledge of Magento and basic familiarity with programming is expected. What You Will Learn Set up a Magento 2 project on Apache or Nginx. Transfer your Magento 1 database to Magento 2 using the Magento 2 system tools. Boost the performance of Magento 2 by enabling different types of caching. Build a Magento 2 multi-store by creating a root catalog, subdirectories, and products. Create and manage pages, blocks, and front-end apps. Manage your Magento store by setting up the correct TAX rules. Design custom themes within the Magento 2 framework. Create basic and advanced extensions using Magento 2. In Detail Magento 2 is an open source e-commerce platform that has all the functionality to function from small to large online stores. It is preferred by developers and merchants due to its new architecture, which makes it possible to extend the functionalities with plugins, a lot of which are now created by the community. This merchant and developer guide is packed with recipes that cover all aspects of Magento 2. The recipes start with simple how-to's then delve into more advanced topics as the book progresses. We start with the basics of setting up a Magento 2 project on Apache or Nginx. Next, you will learn about basics including system tools and caching to get your Magento 2 system ready for the real work. We move on to simple tasks such as managing your store and catalog configuration. When you are familiar with this, we cover more complex features such as module and extension development. Then we will jump to the final part: advanced Magento 2 extensions. By the end of this book, you'll be competent with all the development phases of Magento 2 and its most common elements. Style and approach Step by step guide for real world tasks for Magento users to gain a more advanced insight on managing, extending and designing their e-commerce store to fit their business needs.

Building Websites with PHP Nuke

... module allows you to extend PHP-Nuke to get it to do exactly what you want it
to do. What we will do here is to create a general-purpose module that will allow
users to submit content for modules that do not support user-submitted material.

Building Websites with PHP Nuke

Author: Douglas Paterson

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1904811477

Page: 305

View: 382

A practical guide to creating and maintaining your own community website with PHP-Nuke.

Jquery 1 3 with PHP

The one we will use in this chapter is by Jorn Zaefferer, and is one of the longest-
lived of those plugins. Tip If you want to do anything that someone else might
already have done in jQuery, there is probably a plugin already existing for you to

Jquery 1 3 with PHP

Author: Kae Verens

Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1847196993

Page: 248

View: 639

This book takes a practical approach to integrating PHP and jQuery, showing examples of every point discussed. All examples are written such that you should be able to copy out the code into your own projects and see immediate results, no matter what your experience with JavaScript. You will find projects developed within a chapter, building them up step-by-step, describing the process and thought that goes into it. Minimal requirements are needed on the server-side, so the examples should work with any setup. This book is for PHP application developers who want to improve their user interfaces through jQuery's capabilities and responsiveness. Whether you are familiar with jQuery or have only dabbled a little with JavaScript, this book will provide you with numerous practical examples of how to improve your application.

Wireless Web Development with PHP and WAP

simply write a loop to work with the elements in an array to do what you want .
However , PHP has functions that you can use for most of the common operations
on arrays , such as finding an element or sorting an array . These functions are ...

Wireless Web Development with PHP and WAP

Author: Ray Rischpater

Publisher: Apress


Page: 510

View: 640

As web accessibility through wireless devices becomes increasingly popular, developers are challenged to maintain the high level of interactivity and flexibility that users are accustomed to on their PCs. Fortunately, the language tools used to create conventional web pages can also be implemented in the wireless arena. Rischpater's Wireless Web Development with PHP and WAP is a comprehensive guide to doing exactly this. It illustrates how one of the web's most popular scripting languages, PHP, can be used alongside the wireless web's standard languages, namely WML and WMLScript, to create truly dynamic and powerful wireless applications.

MySQL PHP Database Applications

Even with the simple safe_ mysql_query() function in the guestbook example,
you saw the usefulness of having a standard way of working with PHP's native
MySQL routines. The built-in routines will let you do what you need to do, no
question ...

MySQL   PHP Database Applications

Author: Brad Bulger

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0764537997

Page: 808

View: 530

Demonstrates Web application development by presenting ten real, ready-to-use examples Samples start with a simple guess book and end with a fully-functional e-commerce site with a shopping cart New features include both MySQL 4.1 and PHP 4.2 Latest edition contains new applications including log analysis and project tracking CD-ROM includes all the code and examples applications from the book in addition to MySQL, PHP, Apache, PHP classes, libraries, utilities, and other tools

Multi Tier Application Programming with PHP

ch a pter E. HTTP in PHP The hypertext transport protocol (HTTP) defines a
simple series of procedures by which a client ... You can treat it as a "black box"
concept if you want, using well-documented procedures (for retrieving data from
a form ...

Multi Tier Application Programming with PHP

Author: David Wall

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9780080537153

Page: 278

View: 968

While many architects use PHP for projects, they are often not aware of the power of PHP in creating enterprise-level applications. This book covers the latest version of PHP – version 5 -- and focuses on its capabilities within a multi-tier application framework. It contains numerous coding samples and commentaries on them. A chapter discusses object orientation in PHP as it applies to the multi-tier architecture and other chapters discuss HTTP and SOAP, the two communication protocols most useful in tying together multiple layers. There is also coverage of database design and query construction as well as information about tricks you can use in generating user interfaces. Covers PHP as it relates to developing software in a multi-tier environment—a crucial aspect of developing robust software with low cost and ease of use as design goals. Makes extensive use of Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Services as implemented in PHP and NuSOAP. Shows precisely how to make use of the InnoDB table type newly available in MySQL. InnoDB supports true referential integrity and row-level locking. An application example (a multi-currency bookkeeping application) runs throughout the book, showing various PHP capabilities as well as the database interaction.

Practical Web 2 0 Applications with PHP

LoginFailure() is essentially the same as loginSuccess(), except we do not make
any database updates. ... The reason you want to track failed logins separately
from successful logins (using different priority levels) is that a successful login ...

Practical Web 2 0 Applications with PHP

Author: Quentin Zervaas

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430204753

Page: 569

View: 657

In Practical PHP Web 2.0 Applications, PHP, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, and JavaScript/Ajax development techniques are brought together to show you how to create the hottest PHP web applications, from planning and design up to final implementation, without going over unnecessary basics that will hold you back. This book includes must-have application features such as search functionality, maps, blogs, dynamic image galleries, and personalized user areas. It covers everything in a practical, tutorial style so you can start working on your own projects as quickly as possible.

Building Flickr Applications with PHP

Before starting a new group, you might want to check first to be sure that there isn'
t already a group out there with the ... You then enter a name for the group, a
description, and what you want to call the members and administrators ofthe

Building Flickr Applications with PHP

Author: Andrew Morton

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 9781430202219

Page: 194

View: 822

This is the first book that shows how to take advantage of both your photos and Flickr's enormous cache, to create new and compelling extensions to the Flickr platform. You’ll discover how to take advantage of open source tools (like PHP, Apache, and MySQL) and the Flickr architecture to manage, retrieve, and format photos in imaginative ways. You’ll also learn how to build upon Flickr's photo collaboration features to create interfaces for working with others on photo album projects. And you will learn how to take advantage of RSS to distribute photo updates with ease.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 with PHP

But in many cases, PHP acts as an intermediary to a database. The following
diagram outlines the ... If you want PHP to do something in response to user
action on a web page, it involves another round trip to. This is what happens
when a ...

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 with PHP

Author: David Powers

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN: 9780132117937

Page: 504

View: 962

This Adobe-approved, project-based guide from one of the world's most popular web design authors, David Powers, will teach readers how to progress from designing static websites to building dynamic websites in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. Using step-by-step instructions with projects that build on the knowledge acquired in each lesson, readers will learn about the new PHP features in Dreamweaver CS5, including the ability to work in Live View with WordPress, as well as extended support for PHP code hints, syntax checking, and dynamically related files. Readers will learn how to upload images and send email with attachments using the Zend Framework. In contrast to existing books on the Zend Framework, this book will show web designers and developers with little or no programming experience how to use selected modules to integrate dynamic features into existing sites. There is a strong emphasis on following security best practices. Readers will also learn progressive enhancement techniques for updating pages seamlessly with PHP and Ajax. All of Peachpit's eBooks contain the same content as the print edition. You will find a link in the last few pages of your eBook that directs you to the media files. Helpful tips: If you are able to search the book, search for "Where are the lesson files?" Go to the very last page of the book and scroll backwards. You will need a web-enabled device or computer in order to access the media files that accompany this ebook. Entering the URL supplied into a computer with web access will allow you to get to the files. Depending on your device, it is possible that your display settings will cut off part of the URL. To make sure this is not the case, try reducing your font size and turning your device to a landscape view. This should cause the full URL to appear.

Hip Hotels

Pictorial works of hotels in France with telephone, address and fax numbers.

Hip Hotels

Author: Herbert J. M. Ypma


ISBN: 9780500282687

Page: 256

View: 105

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, France has an unparalleled choice of world-class places to stay including a medieval chateaux, rural farmhouses, alpine chalets, grand city hotels and the latest in interior design. This guide picks the best of the hippest best. Photos. Illustrations.